Spiral Classics Sprng 2018 Catalogue of classical vinyl records was issued on 5th May 2018.

There's almost 400 newly listed LPs that I've added this time, and over 500 price reductions.

A few highlights from the new list

The most outstanding record I have this time is a copy of SAX 2307, Kogan playing the Brahms Violin Concerto. It has a couple of tiny problems, but it is a bargain at 1,400, as a near mint copy recently sold for over 5,000.

I have a number of rare test pressings, including SXL 6065, conducted by Ansermet, SXL 6085 and SXL 6125 conducted by Maazel, two recordings by Accardo on Philips (9500 589 and 9500 590.

I always like to offer complete sets of LPs. I have Grumiaux playing the complete Bach Solo Sonatas and Partitas. It's the mono set, but I'd question how much extra benefit you get from a stereo solo violin LP, over a mono

Then there's all of Kertesz's splendid Dvorak Symphony recordings on SXL. I've listed them individually as they aren't all original labels.

And a nearly complete set of Katchen's Brahms Piano Works, also on SXL.

Some thoughts

I notice that most of my customers order from my "Stock List" rather from my "Main Catalogue".

Everything that is in my Stock List is also in my Main Catalogue. (Except for identical duplicates.)

If you find a record you might like in the Stock List, you may find it useful to look it up in the Main Catalogue. It will tell you much more about the record. For example:

ASD 420. The Stock List only tells you the works by the first composer: Overtures ROSSINI, Gazza Landra, Cambiale di Matrimonio.

But the Main Cataloge tells you much more: Overtures ROSSINI, Gazza Landra, Cambiale di Matrimonio, BERLIOZ, Corsaire, MENDELSSOHN, Melusina, Midsummer Night's Dream,

It will also help you find all the records by artists you are interested in, such as Ansermet as conductor, Ricci as intrumentalist.

You can view or download the Main Catalogue from the catalogue page. Click on Main Catalogue. You can then choose to view a PDF or a Word document.

Or you can use the stock list which is organised by record code (eg SXL, SAX) for the benefit of customers who prefer this.

Other lists

I updated my Book list on 17th October 2017.

I updated my Spoken Word list on 8th February 2018.