Spiral Classics Autumn 2017 Catalogue of classical vinyl records was issued on 17th October 2017.

There's nearly 400 newly listed LPs that I've added this time, and nearly 350 price reductions.

A few highlights from the new list

SXL 2197 is getting increasingly sought-after - Ricci playing the Carmen Fantasie, Zigeunerweisen and Havanaise. I'm glad to have a copy to offer you, and also two copies of the re-issue on SDD 420, at a much more reasonable price.

Among the many other rare items I have is ASD 461, Kempe conducting Brahms Symphony no 4. Maag conducting ballet music by Chopin and Delibes on SXL 2044. A very rare recording by Moura Lympany on CSD 1593

I also have some special items that aren't on well-known labels. For example the Brunswick label. I have a rare violin recital by Jascha Heifetz, AXL 2017, and Ricci's superb The Glory of Cremona on AXA 4521.

Thoughts about record cleaning.

I've always treasured my Keith Monks record cleaning machine. But I know that there are a number of different machines, some newly designed. Sometimes customers ask me for advice on which machine to buy, but I only know the Keith Monks machine. So it would be very helpful if you would tell me what machines you use and your opinion of them.

And I'd like to give you a tip about record cleaning. Occasionally I clean a record but it still has more noise that I like. So I play it through on my office turntable. Then I try it again and often it sounds fine. So after cleaning it's often worth playing an LP at least twice - you may find that surface noise has reduced or gone.

You can view or download the catalogue from the catalogue page.

Or you can use the stock list which is organised by record code (eg SXL, SAX) for the benefit of customers who prefer this.

Other lists

I updated my Book list on 17th October 2017.

I updated my Spoken Word list on 17th October 2017.