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Reference books, Records & Recording Conductors Composers
20th Century Music & British Music Early Music Musical Instruments
Violinists, Pianists etc. Singers, Singing, Opera General Interest
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Reference books, Records & Recording

  • B783a The Record Year, by Edward Sackville-West, Collins 1952. 383pp. Hardback, top of spine a little worn, GBP 7.00
  • B524a The Penguin Guide to Bargain Records, by Edward Greenfield, Penguin 1966. xxiii, 499pp. PB. GBP 2.50

    CAT02 DISC Magazines "A Quarterly Pocket Miscellany for the Music Lover & the Gramophone Enthusiast". Each issue has 48 pages of articles about music & musicians and reviews of the quarters' record issues. Edited by Donald J. Thornton. paperback.

    You can buy the whole set for GBP 10.00

    CAT10 The Art of Record Buying

    EMG issued their yearly catalogues from the mid 1950s to 1979. They list selected recommended recordings that were reviewed in their Monthly Newsletters, "to assist connoisseurs who wish to add only the finest microgroove records to their collection"

    B856a Hungarians in Exile: Reiner, Dorati, Szell, by John Hunt, Hunt 1997. Discographies compiled by John Hunt, with Richard Chlupaty on the Dorati Section. Richard Chlupaty has published a book on Dorati: "Antal Dorati and the Joy of Making Music". 317pp. PB. with illustrations of record sleeves, programmes, etc. GBP 10.00


    B870 Understanding Toscanini, by Joseph Horowitz, faber 1987. 490pp. Very well illustrated, very good condition, GBP 6.00


    B888 Symphonic Masterpieces, by Olin Downs, The Dial Press, New York, 1935. Downs examines many of the great symphonic works, ranging from Bach to Stravinsky. Accessable writing, rather like good record sleeve notes expanded. A few illustrations. Handsome hardback, with slightly faded spine. 294 pages, stamp says "withdrawn from stock" but doesn't look ex-library. Good condition, GBP 6.00

    B889 Russian Music and its sources in chant and folk-song, by Alfred J. Swan, with an introduction by Donald Swan. Published by John Baker, 1973. 234 pages. Many illustrations and musical examples. Hardback in very good condition. Dustrwrapper a little chipped at bottom. GBP 6.00

    B515 Johann Sebastian Bach, by Werner Felix, richly illustrated biography by one of Europe's leading Bach scholars. Orbis 1984. 185pp. Hardback, Dustwrapper, Slight chipping on dustwrapper, otherwise excellent condition, GBP 4.00

    B868a Stravinsky: The Chronicle of a Friendship 1948-1971, by Robert Craft, Gollancz 1972. 424pp. Well illustrated. Hardback, Dustwrapper, ex-library, good sound condition, GBP 5.00

    B760 Music of Latin America, by Nicholas Slonimsky, South American composers and their folk music antecedents. Includes a 30 page dictionary of Musicians, Songs and Dances, Musical Instruments. Harrap 1946. 374pp. Hardback, Illustrated. cloth cover partly faded & foxed, edges of pages foxed, otherwise good condition, GBP 6.00

    B610 The Coming of Age of American Art Music, by Nicholas E. Tawa, New England's classical romanticists: Paine, Chadwick, MacDowell, Parker, Foote, Beach. Greenwood Press 1991. 237pp. Hardback, Ex-lib. fly-leaf removed & 2 library stamps. Otherwise Vgc, GBP 6.00

    B480 Wagner & Russia, by Rosamund Bartlett. Wagner's visit to Russia in 1863 & a history of productions of his work both before & after the Revolution. Wagner's influence on Russian Modernist writers. Cambridge University Press 1995. 405pp. Hardback, Dustwrapper, Well illus. Ex-lib. flysheet missing, library stamps, otherwise Vgc, (In print at GBP 65.00). GBP 5.00

    20th Century Music & British Music

    B887, Composers' Gallery, by Donald Brook, "Biographical Sketches of Contemporary Composers". 22 British Composers, and 18 composers "of other nations". published by Rockcliff 1946. 218 pages, Hardback, spine faded, many photographs, sound condition, GBP 4.50

    B754 Tippett and his Operas, by Eric Walter White, Barrie & Jenkins 1979. 142pp. Hardback, Dustwrapper. Well illustrated. Book in very good condition, dustwrapper has faint markings, GBP 4.00

    B715 Music Ho! A Study of Music in Decline, by Constant Lambert, Faber & Faber 1942. 342pp. Hardback, signs of having been read, but sound & clean, GBP 4.00

    Early Music

    B712 The Letters of Claudio Monteverdi, translated & introduced by Denis Stevens. Faber 1980. 443pp. Hardback, Dustwrapper, Frontispiece. tiny ink mark on few page edges & a touch on the dustwrapper. Otherwise almost like new, GBP 12.00

    B690 The Interpretation of Early Music, "an invaluable source of reference to those who enjoy listening to music as well as to performers & scholars". By Robert Donington, Faber & Faber 1977. 766pp. Hardback, Dustwrapper, extensively revised edition. Very good condition, GBP 7.00

    B652 Tudor Music, by David Wulstan, Dent 1985. 378pp. Hardback, Dustwrapper, full of musical and other illustrations. Dustwrapper a little chipped at top, book is in very good condition, GBP 7.00

    Musical Instruments

    B755 Musical Instruments of the West, by May Remnant, Batsford 1978. 240pp. Hardback, Dustwrapper, a beautiful book, full of illustrations, in fine condition, GBP 5.00

    B766 Musical Instruments of India, by B. Chaitanya Deva, Munshiram Manoharlal 1987. 159pp. Hardback, Dustwrapper, Well illustrated. second revised edition. ex-library stamps, looks little read, GBP 5.00

    B651 Stringed Instruments of the Middle Ages, Their evolution and development. by Hortense Panum, Revised and edited by the translator, Jeffrey Pulver. Reeves, London 1971. 511pp. Hardback, Dustwrapper, Very well illustratedtrated. Good condition, GBP 14.00

    B427 Victoria & Albert Museum Catalogue of Musical Instruments, Volume II, Non-Keyboard Instruments, by Anthony Baines, HMSO 1978. 123pp. and 138 plates (pictures). PB. GBP 4.00

    Violinists, Pianists etc

    B882 Life Class, by Yehudi Menuhin: his own approach to music & his practice, including his collection of exercises for mind & body & insight into his own life as a "working Violinist". Heinemann 1986. 148pp. Hardback, dustwrapper, Very well illustrated. very good condition, GBP 5.00

    B668 Chats with Violinists, by Wallace Ritchie, How to overcome difficulties. A practical manual for the violinist. William Reeves. 112pp. Hardback, Illus. Original edition (1930s?). Quite rare, very good condition, GBP 5.00

    Singers, Singing, Opera

    B851 The Ring: Anatomy of an Opera, by Stephen Fay & Roger Wood, follows the 1983 Bayreuth production - with Peter Hall as Producer & Solti conducting. Full of photographs. Secker & Warburg 1985. 218pp. Harback, Dustwrapper. very good condition, GBP 7.00

    B873 Maria Callas. A Tribute, by Pierre-Jean Remy, "in this sympathetic and often moving account we come nearer to understanding her genius". a lavishly-illustrated book, Macdonald & Jane's 1978. 192pp. Very good condition, GBP 8.00

    B770 The Performing World of the Singer, by Alan Blackwood. Primarily but not solely aimed at young people considering singing as a career. As well as classical music & opera it covers folk & popular singers and vocal training. With a profile of Sherrill Milnes. Hamish Hamilton 1981. 113pp. Hardback, Dustwrapper, Very well illustrated. Small rub on dustrwrapper, book is in very good condition, GBP 3.00

    B615 Mary Garden's Story, by Mary Garden & Louis Baincolli, The memoirs of a great Opera Diva, who knew Debussy, Messager, Massenet, Caruso, Chaliapin, Diaghilev etc. Michael Joseph 52. 276pp. Hardback, Dustwrapper, Illus. first edition. dustwrapper slightly chipped, otherwise Vgc, GBP 3.50

    B600 Star on the Door, the life & experience of a great prima donna, by Maggie Teyte, Putnam 1958. 192pp. Hardback, Dustwrapper, Illus. Discography Vgc, a very nice copy, GBP 3.50

    B540 Royal Opera House Retrospective 1732-1982, sumptious catalogue for the Royal Academy exhibition 1983, full of illustrations & photographs, 1983. 144pp. PB. first edition. Vgc, GBP 4.00

    General Interest

    B886, Cosima Wagner: a biography by Alice Hunt Sokoloff. Cosima Wagner was the daughter of Franz Liszt, wife of Hans Bulow, mistress and eventually wife of Wagner. Published by Macdonald, London, 1969. Hardback. 301pp, 16 pages of illustrations. Ex-library, front flysheet torn out, dustwrapper a little crumpled. Sound condition. GBP 3.50

    B874 Royal Philharmonic, by Robert Elkin, the history of the Royal Philharmonic Society from the early 19th Century to 1945. Includes the Society's programmes from 1912 to 1945. Published by Rider probably in 1946. 192pp. Well illustrated. GBP 4.50

    B869 Orchestra, by Andre Previn, 31 musicians from the great orchestras of America & Britain interviewed to give a full narrative of orchestral life. A handsome volume, full of photographs. Macdonald & Jane's, London 1979. 224pp. very good condition, GBP 5.00

    B852 The Joys of Music, by Leonard Bernstein, "instructor in the difficult art of popular music appreciation" Seven scripts from Bernstein's Omnibus prgrammes, illustrated & expanded, plus essays & conversations. White Lion 1974. 303pp. Hardback, Full of musical illustrations. dustwrapper shabby, book is in sound second-hand condition, GBP 3.50

    B541a Journey Towards Music, a Memoir, by Victor Gollancz, Gollancz 1964. 238pp. Well illustrated. Hardback. Dustwrapper a little chipped otherwise Vgc, GBP 6.00

    B742 Sir Charles Halle, the founder of the Halle Orchestra, by Charles Rigby, with a foreword by Barbirolli. Dolphin Press 1952. 180pp. Hardback, Illustrated, GBP 4.50

    B665 The Concerto, by John Culshaw, the great Decca record producer. Max Parrish & Co 1949. 72pp. Hardback, well illustrated including 4 colour plates, GBP 4.00

    B872 Doctor Denis: The Life & Times of Dr Denis Wright, by Roy Newsome, "A leading figure on Brass Bands the world over. As composer, arranger, adjudicator & teacher he was a household name". Egon 1995. 273pp. Very well illustrated. A very rare book, in very good condition, GBP 10.00

    B672 Brass Bands in the 20th Century, "from its humble beginings to information on bands, contests, music trends & personalities". ed Violet Brand & Geoffrey Brand, EPL 1979. 239pp. Hardback, Dustwrapper, full of photographs & other illustrations, Ex-lib. ex-library stamps, removable plastic cover on dustwrapper, otherwise very good condition, GBP 4.00

    B689 The Proms, by Altes Orga, David & Charles 1975. 191pp. Hardback, Dustwrapper, full of illustrations & photographs. very good condition, GBP 3.00

    B664 Ballads and Songs of the Shanty-Boy, by Franz Rickaby, 51 ballads & songs of the lumberjacks of Michegan, Wisconsin & Minnesota, many with the music. Harvard Press 1926. 244pp. Hardback, Cloth spine shows a little wear, ex-libris book plate, 3 of the pictures have come loose, which seems to be a common problem, as they were stuck in rather than sewn, GBP 7.00

    B585 Voices of a People, The Story of Yiddish Folk Song, by Ruth Rubin, Thomas Yoseloff 1963. 496pp. Hardback, Dustwrapper, Illus. First Edition. Ex-lib. tight inside, GBP 3.00

    Books on HiFi

    Miniature Scores

    Eulenberg Editions:

    Beethoven, Piano Concerto no 5. GBP 2.50

    Brahms, Symphonies nos 1 & 2, hardback, GBP 5.00

    Brahms, Symphonies nos 3 & 4, hardback, GBP 5.00

    Mozart Symphonies, No 39. No 41. (2 separate scores). GBP 2.50 each

    Boosey & Hawkes: GBP 2.50 each:

    Beethoven, Symphony no 5

    Delius, Appalachia.

    Prokofiev, Classical Symphony.

    Vaughan Williams, The Wasps.

    Alfred Lengnick (Simrock):

    Dvorak, Symphony no 9, hard-back, ex-library, GBP 2.50

    Belaieff, Leipzig:

    Rimsky-Korsakov Scheherazade GBP 3.00


    CAT05 His Masters Voice Recorded Music Catalogue June 1940. GBP 5.00

    CAT06 His Masters Voice Recorded Music Catalogue June 1941. GBP 5.00

    CAT 07 Parlophone Records 1954-55 Catalogue. LPs, 45 rpm, and 78s, GBP 5.00

    CAT 09 Capitol Record Catalogue 1956, LPs, 45 rpm extended play, 45 rpm standard, and 78s, GBP 5.00

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