I updated my Spiral Classics Catalogue of classical vinyl records on 5th January 2019, so all the records in my stock list and in the Catalogue are currently available.

A few of the splendid items that are in my stocklist


Ansermet, SXL 2195, Mussorgsky, Pictures at an Exhibition.

Argenta, SXL 2091, Falla, Nights in the Garden of Spain.

Barbirolli, Brahms Symphonies 1, 2 and 3 on ASD 2401, ASD 2402, ASD 2403.

Klemperer, SAX 5269, Schumann Symphony no 1.

Szell, SAX 5283, Mahler, Symphony no 4.


Backhaus, SXL 2010, Beethoven Piano Concerto no 4.

Gilels, Beethoven Piano Sonatas on 2530 253, 2530 589, 2532 061.

Richter, SB 2149, Beethoven Piano Concerto no 1.

Uchida, Mozart Piano Concertos on 426 305-1, 416 381-1.


Joseph Fuchs, playing Mozart with Lilian Fuchs on AXTL 1030.

Ida Haendel, Famous Violin Compositions on SUA ST 50465.

Kogan, playing Mozart & Prokofiev on 33CX 1395.

Schneiderhan playing the Beethoven Violin Concerto on SLPM 138 999


Maria Callas singing Mozart, Beethoven & Weber on SAX 2540.

Dietrich Fischer-Diekau singing Richard Strauss on ASD 2399.

Hermann Prey singing Mozart on SAX 5293.

Rita Streich singing Wiegenlieder & Volkslieder on SLPEM 136 462

You can view or download the Main Catalogue from the catalogue page. Click on Main Catalogue. You can then choose to view a PDF or a Word document.

Or you can use the stock list which is organised by record code (eg SXL, SAX) for the benefit of customers who prefer this.

Other lists

I updated my Book list on 6th September 2018, added some more books and reduced a lot of prices.

I updated my Spoken Word list on 11th November 2018.