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Most of the records in my list are second hand (used) and their condition is described as follows:

LP condition:

  • M = Mint. Sealed, unplayed.
  • NM = Near Mint. May have a light non-sounding mark, that I have played, to check it doesn’t sound.
  • NM- = Near Mint Minus. May have a few light non-sounding marks. I describe any small mark that sounds. Most of the surface is near mint.
  • VG++ = Very good plus plus. Has a number of marks. Any that sound are described.
  • VG+ = Very good plus. Some marks that tick.
  • VG = Very good. Will have some marks that tick or click.
  • G = Good. Some noise & audible wear.
  • F = Fair. Some noise & probably audible wear. See description.

Records in poor condition are not included in my list.

I aim to reliably assess the condition of records, & I examine them very carefully.

All visible marks are tested on my Garrard 401 turntable to see if they sound.

  • When a mark sounds quite softly, I describe this as a "tick".
  • Loud sounds are described as "clicks".

I expect records described as NM, NM-, or VG++ to sound perfect, unless I mention a problem. Experienced collectors will know that early pressings often have more surface noise than later issues.

Different equipment may produce different results, and I aim to provide enough guidance on record condition for you to choose the condition you find acceptable.

Sleeve condition:

Sleeves are in the same condition as the LP, unless I describe the sleeve condition

  • NM = Near mint, a fine crisp sleeve.
  • NM- = Very nearly near mint. May have a minor crease, or little writing on the back, or some light marks, or a very small bit of tape.
  • VG++ = Sleeve has worn edges, or a small tear, or some tape. May have some marks.
  • VG = Sleeve has some damage, described.

Please email me if you want more information about a sleeve.


All vinyl records, however well cared for, gradually accumulate dust in the grooves, resulting in "ticky" noises even on LPs that look perfect.

I have a Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine, which gently brushes each side of the LP with a mixture of alcohol & distilled water, and then vacuums off the fluid and dirt giving a very much quieter surface.

Unless you have access to a record cleaning machine yourself I recommend you to ask me to clean your records before despatching them. The price of £4.00 per LP includes a new inner sleeve.

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