Spiral Classics is the reliable source for used and out of print Classical LPs. I have an extensive stock of classical music vinyl records, all carefully graded for condition.

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You can choose to search my stock by record code, or you can view my catalogue. This is divided into specialist categories so you can find LPs even if you don't know the record code, and also find recordings you didn't know about. My catalogue listings are informative and detailed. This is the catalogue you can read for pleasure and information.

All my Classical LPs are very carefully graded and their condition is accurately described in the catalogue. If you'd like to know more see the information page.

You'll find a wide range of prices in my lists, sometimes for very similar items. I put in newly entered LPs at what I feel is a fair price. But LPs that remain unsold from past catalogues gradually reduce in price so you can find splendid bargains.

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Sophia Singer