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Collecting "Golden Age" English Classical LPs

Over the 28 years that I have been selling Classical LPs I've gathered a wealth of information, which I very much want to share. So I'm gradually adding more information to this Guide to Collecting which at the moment is in two sections.

1) Understanding labels and pressings

Very experienced collectors know a lot about different labels & pressings of collectable LPs, and they know which ones they want to buy. But if you are less experienced, it can be difficult to be sure which label or pressing to buy, particularly as not all sellers are consistent. So I want to give you the information you need to make the right choice for you. Most of the information here is about Audiophile Stereo LPs, issued from 1958 onwards, but you will also find information about early Golden Age mono LPs. The 1950s monos certainly shouldn't be neglected by the collector. Many have superb sound, which makes me think "who needs stereo"! And there are wonderful performances by many of the great artists of the 1950s, both conductors and soloists.

Until recently many collectors ignored mono issues of recordings also issued in stereo. But collectors now appreciate that often the mono recordings from the late 1950s and very early 1960s can be better than the stereo. It was the mono engineers who were in charge of the recording, while the stereo engineers were relegated to a back room!

Guide sections

Further plans

I'm gradually adding more to this part of the guide.

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2) Information about Records, Recordings, Conductors and Artists

This section contains articles and other information, some of it written by me, some that my very knowledgeable customers have told me over the years.

This is very much work in progress. I hope to add more articles as time goes on.

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