Mercury Living Presence

In 1960 EMI started pressing English issues of US Mercury recordings. US Mercuries have the prefix SR. English Mercuries have the prefix AMS. The first one issued in the UK was AMS 16001, Dorati conducting Johann Strauss. Unlike US Mercury, there aren't different labels or pressings of AMS Mercury.

Photo of AMS16004

The last AMS was a 2 record set AMS 16143/4, Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker again conducted by Dorati, issued in 1963. So it was a short-lived label, only lasting 3 years, but in that time over 140 superb recordings were issued, most of them at the same time as the US Mercuries. Some collectors prefer the US Mercury pressings. As I have a great fondness for the EMI sound I am very happy to listen to English AMS Mercuries

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