COMPLETE TAS Super Disc® LIST – compiled by Larry Toy

This list contains all the entries over the years when Harry Pearson was editor of The Absolute Sound, and was compiled with Harry Pearson's approval.

I have reproduced this unchanged from Larry Toy's original work, but it has lost some of the formatting in the process. I hope to be able to make this easier to search in future.


#98 20thC T-508 Tales of Mystery and Imagination Alan Parsons (*MoFi MFSL1-204, Charisma CDS 4003+)

​ T-508 apparently has many pressings of variable quality. It has also been reissued several times. The original has a gatefold album, with a multi page bound insert.

#44 20thC SXG 5008 North Cleopatra North

#44 A&M Br AMLS68258 Crime of the Century Supertramp ( Jap AMP-7045, SP-3647, MoFi MFSL1-005)

​ The MoFi has many pressings of variable sound quality.

#10 A&M SP-4555 Numbers Cat Stevens

The album has a die cut cover, which is very easy to damage. Record sides are numbered 0 and 1.

#11 A&M SP-4260 Mona Bone Jakon Cat Stevens (orig label) ( EMI Island ILPS9118 pink island ep)

​ HP likes the original A&M over the EMI version. Original label has square white A&M symbol on side of label.

#11 ABC S-OC-13 Zachariah Misc (Br\ Probe SPB1026)

​ Quite rare, soundtrack of rock movie.

#tas @Afka SK-298 Balbastre/Couperin/Duphly Harpsichord Works Kroll

​ Very rare.

#tas Amer Gram 359 Fresh Aire II Mannheim Steamroller

​ Among the most common.

#tas Amer Gram 365 Fresh Aire III Mannheim Steamroller

​ Among the most common.

#27 Ark 4170/S Fulton Gold

​ Quite rare, a sampler of several Fulton albums.

#tas Asylum 7E-1007 Court & Spark Joni Mitchell (Naut NR11 HSM, Jap Asyl P8412Y, *DCC LPZ-2044)

​ Quite common. The Nautilus HSM is very rare and pricey.

#tas Asylum *Br* SYL9011 Desperado Eagles (Br\ K53008, Ger EMI 1C062-94386, SD5068)

​ I have two different British pressings.

#tas @Athena ALSW-10001 Rachmaninoff Sym Dances Johanos (#50 Vox TurnTV34145S orig black cover, Stereo/Mono Compatible Label, 2nd Green Cover, blue label )

​ The original Vox is superb, with slightly noisier vinyl.

#tas Atlantic 81842-1 Enya Enya (BBC REB 605, aka “The Celts” *German WB)

This is Enya’s first album, not her famous “Watermark” album, which is sometimes noted on dealer lists as a Super Disc®. The German WB reissue has the title “The Celts.”

#tas Atlantic SD7203 If I Could Only Remember His Name David Crosby (1st label 1841 Broadway, 2nd label Rockefeller Center )

​ First label is difficult to find

#tas Audiophile AP80 Classics in Dixieland Salt City Six (*Athena ALSS-10005)

#tas Audioquest AQ1012 Crescent Crawl Bruce Katz

#tas Backstreet BSR-6107 Moroder Cat People Moroder (Br\ MCA3138)

#65 Barclay BA-253 Vangelis Fete Sauvage (Ger RCA PL30036, It CAM SAG9069, Fr EMI2C06614276)

​ Extremely rare, particularly in the Barclay. I have seen a few copies of the German RCA, and one copy each of the Italian and French non Barclay. The Ger RCA has the music in a different order than the Barclay or the others.

#tas BBC REB 440 Flight of the Condor Misc (BBC 22440)

#tas Beserkley 0-67932 Jeopardy Greg Kihn (Single)

​ The rarest single on the list.

#tas 2BIS LP163/4 La Spagna Paniagua

#20 Candide QCE31009 Rachmaninoff Sym 1 Slatkin

​ Wonderful, rich sonics - not that rare, normally not known as a TAS record.

#tas CanBroad SM-5000 Copland Appalachian Spring Raffi Armenian (#31 Cantabile CSPS1617)

​ Quite rare, Canadian pressing.

#22 Cantab SDPS1349 Ravel Trois Poems/Wolf/Schoenberg Chamber Sym 1 Forrester/Armenian

​ Very rare, Canadian pressing.

#25 Caprice 1127 Petterson Sym 12 Larsson

​ Not that difficult to find, orchestra and chorus.


#tas *2CCol CS8163 Kind of Blue Miles Davis (#tas Col CS8163 6eye, *CCol 45, PC8163,*Abs Analog)

The original had one side recorded at the wrong speed. This is corrected in the 2 record Classic reissue. Very common to find Columbia reissues new, but with PC, not CS prefix. Original pressing has a 6 eye label.

#tas *CCol CS8171 Ah-Um Mingus (#tas Col CS8171 6eye, *CCol 45rpm)

​ Original 6 eye is quite rare and pricey.

#tas *CCol CS8192 Time Out Brubeck (6 eye-2AL CS8192, *CCol 45)

​ Original was one of the best selling albums of all time, and is fairly easy to find at garage sales, etc. The original 6 eye demands a premium with dealers.

#tas Col CS8271 Sketches of Spain Miles Davis (6 eye, *CCol, *CCol 45rpm, *Abs Analog)

This has very common reissues by Columbia , both analogue and digital, but without CS prefix. Original issue is fairly pricey, particularly in the original 6 eye label.

#tas Col CS8333 Mallets, Melody and Mayhem Saul Goodman (6 eye promo)

​ Ultrarare, I got mine, a promo, through Recordfinders.

#tas @Col CS9196 Water Boy Don Shirley (orig 2eye, mono CL)

​ Thanks to HP for introducing me to Don Shirley, a great jazz pianist.

#73 Col JC35305 Stardust Willie Nelson (listed as CK) (white promo, Can\ PC35035, FC35305, HSM HC-49305, Classic, \CCol45)

I believe that the “CK” prefix listing in TAS is incorrect, and the correct prefix is JC. Every copy I have seen is JC, except for the Canadian pressing and a special FC reissue listed above. There is also a half speed master which is quite pricey and rare. This is one of my favorite of the pop Tas list – Willie sounds as if he is in the room. Along with the Joni Mitchell albums this is one of the easiest to find and usually cheap.

#tas Col MS6012 Beethoven Sym 6 Walter (oirg 6eye) (Ody Y33924, CBS MY36720, Fr75059, Franklin 59, Br\ Ph SABL133, Br\ SBRG75059, in D7S610 -2eye)

The original 6eye is fairly rare, with the 2eye pressings more common. Odyssey reissue is quite decent sounding. Franklin press is more veiled. The British Philips pressing is a bit darker and slightly more veiled than my 6eyeColumbia original.

#tas Col MS6488 Brahms Alto Rhapsody/Mahler (orig 2eye) Miller/Walter (Br\ CBS SBRG 72142, *Jap*Sony20AC1821)

​ The original is a 2-eye.

#98 Col MS6494 Mozart Sym 38/40 Walter (orig 2eye)(Br CBS SBRG72138, in D3S691) (R2R)

​ Original is a 2-eye.

#73 Col MS6562 Hindemith Symphonic Metamorphoses Ormandy (orig 2eye 1B, promo)

​ Original is a 2-eye.

#17 Col M30383 Everything You Always wanted to Hear from Moog Kazdin

#tas 3Col M2-30576 Partch Delusion of Fury Mitchell

​ Spectacular sound, quite rare, pricey. Set contains an extra (3rd) disk.

#7 Col M32739 Crumb Night of Four Moons Crumb ( Quad Col MQ32739)

#7 Col M32838 Ravel Orchestral Works 3 (Mother Goose) Boulez (Br\ CBS76306, Col Quad MQ32838)

​ Quite common.

13 Col M33508 Stravinsky Firebird Boulez (Ger\ CBS764118, CBS HSM43508)

​ Quite common.

#11 Col M33523 Ravel Daphnis et Chloe Boulez (CBS HSM43523)

​ Quite common.

#98 Sony *Jap* 20AC1808 Beethoven Sym 3 Walter (orig Col MS6036, *Br* Ph SABL132, Br CBS SBRG72057, in D7S610 *CCol)

#tas Sony *Jap* 20AC1822 Dvorak Sym 8 Walter (orig Col MS6361, Br\ CBS 61274, Br CBS SBRG72097, Ody Y33231, all w/o pairing of Schubert Sym 5)

#98 Sony *Jap* 20AC1830 Mahler Sym 1 Walter (orig Col MS6394, Br\ CBS 61116, Br CBS SBRG72099, Ody Y30047, Franklin 60)

#tas Sony *Jap* 25AP1373 Breakaway Art Garfunkel ( Col PC33700, Dutch CBS 86002, *Br* CBS 86002)

#tas @2Sony *Jap* 40AP1751 The Wall Pink Floyd (#20 2Col PC2-36183, 2EMI SVHW411, *EMI)

Very rare and expensive in Sony issue. Original Col was an early TAS choice and is very common. British EMI version is quite common in England.

#tas Epic BC1256 Durufle Requiem Durufle (gold label promo, blue label) (orig Erato STU70010 aka Erato LDE3098, MHS1509)

The original is Erato which sounds as good as the Epic. The Epic gold first label is very rare, while the blue label is still rare.

#tas @Chandos ABR1055 Bach-Stokowski Transcriptions Pikler (MHS4890)

​ Quite rare.

#36 Charisma PG-4 Peter Gabriel (4) (aka "Security", Fr\ Virgin 70328, Geffen 2011, *Jap*25S-137)

US Geffen pressing is quite common and very fine sounding. The Charisma is a Br pressing, which is fairly common in London and which I've seen a few times in the US .

#tas *Discovery JP-0779-12 Send in the Clowns Bill Henderson (12" single, from "Live at the Times")

​ This is a Classic reissue 45rpm of a single cut, released about the same time as the "Look of Love" single from "Casino Royale".

#tas @Colgems COSO-5001 Jarre Professionals, The

​ Super rare, more difficult to find than Casino Royale

#tas @Colgems COSO-5005 Bacharach Casino Royale Bacharach (3S best) (Classic, \CColgem45*"Look of Love")

Is fairly easy to find in dealer lists. Everyone knows it is valuable. The 3S/3S pressing (by RCA) is acknowledged to be the best. Classic has released a 12" single of the "Look of Love" vocal by Dusty Springfield, and more recently the entire album as both 33 and multirecord single sided 45.

#22 CrystalClr CCS7001 Bach Fox Touch Vol 1 Fox

​ White Vinyl,Quite common.

#22 CrystalClr CCS7003 Rimsky-Kor Cap Esp Fiedler (black *Ger* only)

The first issue was a white vinyl pressing which is much noisier than the recommended black vinyl German pressing. Also this was reissued in a digital format – “Digital Fiedler.” Original is Direct-to-Disk.

#31 delle'Arte DA9006 Tchaikovsky Francesca di Rimini Stokowski (45rpm) (orig 1st label 33rpm Everest SDBR3011 dowel spine, *DCC LPZ1001)

DA9006 is part of series dedicated to Stokowski, including many mono reissues, this was originally issued on Everest, with the NY Philharmonic under the pseudonym of the NY Stadium Orch – with blue-silver label and dowel spine. DCC is a reissue of the original.

#tas 3DGG 2709043 Bizet Carmen Bernstein/Horne (R2R)

#tas DGG Arc 198166SAPM Dance Music Time Praetorius Neumeyer (orig) (#tas 198166, ARC 73153, *Alto)

I have four different copies. The original is in a yellow album, with a small certificate of inspection. The record is very thick - perhaps 200g. The Alto reissue is based on that copy. Two other issues are in gatefolds. The gray paper gatefold (most common) is missing the SAPM. This is the most common issue. The other gatefold is shiny white, with color. The record, but not the cover has SAPM in its catalogue number - but is of normal thickness and not the same as the original.

#tas Elektra 6E-111 Judith Judy Collins (7E-1032 white promo, Quad EQ-1032, DirectDisk SD166077-HSM)

​ 7E-1032 is the second pressing, sounds identical to first.

#tas Elektra 0-66979 Lost Again Yello (Single) (alt version Vertigo 814 611-1)


#tas Capitol SP8364 Toch Sym 3/Hindemith Mathis Mahler Steinberg

​ Extremely rare.

#tas Capitol SP8407 Stravinsky Firebird Ste Stokowski (PAO8407 mono, EMI CfP134 black square label xclnt, Ger Horzu, Ser S60229)

​ Megarare, my EMI CfP pressing is fabulous. My mono Cap is in a box with a relief head of Stokowski on the cover, stereo is in regular album, Capital circle on side of label.

#tas Capitol SP8461 For My True Love Terri/Almeida

#tas Capitol SPA8470 (1st side label -round, 2nd side label oval) Orff Carmina Burana Stokowski (EMI CfP40311 xclnt, Ser S60236)

​ Original is in a box, Capital circle on side of label, quite rare and pricey..

#tas 2Capitol SPBR8448 Shostakovich Sym11 Stokowski (Cap SPBO-8700, Br\ World ST776/7, Melodia C10-19543, Everest 3310/2)

​ The Capital reissue sometime commands a premium price. The original Cap is normally expensive.

#40 Fr\ EMI C069-02764 Prokofiev PCon 2/3 Beroff (in SLS-882, 1C195025213, Ger C065-02764)

#tas EMI ASD299 Saint-Saens Carnival Animals Kurtz (ER3) (Cap SG-7211, ESD7114)

​ The orig 1st press has EW1 label, ultra expensive..

#tas EMI ASD517 Poulenc Concert Champetre Pretre (EW1, first label) (orig Fr\ CVB1737*, Fr* 2C06912100, Angel S35993,xclnt)

​ The orig 1st press has EW1 label, very expensive.

#tas 2EMI ASD2337/8(SLS776) (ER1, first label) Busoni PCon Ogden (SXDW3053, Ang SBL3719)

The original is labeled as ASD with ER1 labels, with subsequent issue as SLS. The SXDW reissue has a different coupling.

#17 EMI ASD2375 Vaughan Williams Sym 4 Boult (orig ER1) (also in #tas SLS822 below)

#tas EMI ASD2422 Vaughan Williams Sanctus Civitas Boult (orig ER1)(also in #tas SLS5082 below)

#tas EMI ASD2486 Sibelius En Saga/Luonnotar Dorati (orig ER2) (Jap\ Toshiba EAC30353, PASD2486 black Odeon label)

#tas EMI ASD2600 Howells Hymnis Paradisi Willcocks (Odeon sticker on orig ER2) (ESD102066)

#tas EMI ASD2673 Vaughan Williams Job Boult (orig ER2) (#2 Ang S36773)

#tas EMI ASD2878 Arnold Sym 5/Peterloo Over (orig ER3) Arnold

#tas EMI ASD2889 Rachmaninoff Sym 2 Previn (orig ER3) (*Testament, in SLS5225, Ger 1C063-2398, ED290498, Ang S36954)

#tas EMI ASD2892 Schmitt Psalm 47 Martinon (Odeon sticker probably orig ER3) (#40 Fr\ C069-12166) (Ang S36953)

#13 EMI ASD2894 Tchaik Over:1812/Cap It Previn (orig ER3) (MoFi MFSL1-502, Ang S36890)

#tas EMI ASD2913 Moeran Sym in g Dilkes (Odeon sticker probably orig ER3) (ED 290187-1, MoFi MFSL1-524)

#tas EMI ASD2917 Shostakovich Sym 8 Previn (Angel sticker probably orig ER3) (Ger 1C063-02401, Ang S36980)

#tas EMI ASD2924 Walton/Shostakovich CelloCon Tortelier (Odeon sticker probably orig ER3)

#17 EMI ASD2935 Britten Yng Person/Prok Peter Previn (orig ER3) (listed ASD2535, in SLS5266, Ang SFO36962)

#tas EMI ASD2961 Sibelius Tempest Groves (orig ER3)

#7 EMI ASD2964 Honegger Sym 3/Bartok Music for Mravinsky (orig ER7) (Eurodisc 85194, Melodia CM02857-8 has Honegger with different pairing, Jap\Melodia VIC-9545 has Bartok with Sibelius Sym 7)

#tas EMI ASD2970 Bach Fantasia/Fugue Boult (Angel sticker probably orig ER3) (MoFi MFSL2-501 on 3 sides)

#tas EMI ASD2989 Honegger Pacific 231 Fremaux (orig ER3) (QASD2989 ER3, ESD7097, Ara 8035 and dbx)

#tas EMI ASD3002 Holst Planets Previn (orig ER3) (#50 Toshiba/EMI ALF99002/3+, Ger\ 1C0652470Q, Ang S36991)

Rare as ASD and generally pricey, very rare as Toshiba ALF Pro Use on 2 records, best sound.

#tas EMI ASD3006 Williams,Grace Fantasy on Welsh Nursery (orig ER3) Groves (ORIEL 1005)

​ One of two most rare and expensive ASD Super Discs®.

#tas EMI ASD3013 Rachmaninoff-Respighi 5 Etude Tableaux Krasnapolsky (orig ER3)

​ The most rare and expensive ASD Super Disc®.

#tas *EMI ASD3018 Tchaikovsky Manfred Previn (orig ER3) (#65 ASD3018, Ang S37018)

#tas EMI ASD3092 Sibelius Four Legends Groves (orig ER3) (Ang S37106,xclnt)

#11 EMI ASD3093 Rimsky Korsakoff /Tchaikovsky Capriccio Espag/Italien Boult (orig ER3) (Ang S37227)

#13 EMI ASD3117 Orff Carmina Burana Previn (orig ER3) (Ger\ 1C06502631, MoFi MFSL1-506, Ang S37117)

#tas EMI ASD3131 Andre Previn's Music Night Previn (Angel sticker probably orig ER3) (see also ESDW720 below)

#tas EMI ASD3137 Rachmaninoff Sym1 Previn (ER4) (Ger 1C0632632, in SLS5225, Ang S37120 xclnt)

​ TAS considers Angel pressing excellent.

#tas EMI ASD3139 Delius North Country Groves (orig ER3) (ED2900261, Ang S37140)

#tas EMI ASD3154 Britten P Grimes:4Sea Previn (orig ER3) (Ger\ 1C06502612, in SLS5266, Ang S37142 xclnt)

#tas EMI ASD3266 Elgar Sym 2 Boult (orig ER3) (ED290355, Ang S37218)

#tas EMI ASD3284 Rachmaninoff Bells Previn (Angel sticker probably orig ER3) (*, Ang S37169)

#11 EMI ASD3294 Thomson Autumn aka Music for Film Marriner (orig ER3) (Ang S37300 xclnt)

​ ASD is quite rare, but Angel pressing is excellent, IMHO.

#tas EMI ASD3345 Elgar Coronation Ode Ledger (orig ER3) (*)

#24 EMI ASD3348 Walton Crown Imperial Fremaux (orig ER3) (ESD1063711)

#11 EMI ASD3353 Arnold Dances: English 1-8, Sym 2 Groves (orig ER3) (MHS4766)

#12 EMI ASD3369 Rachmaninoff Sym 3 Previn (orig ER3) (in SLS5225, Ang S37260)

#tas EMI ASD3377 Mendelssohn Midsummer Night’s Dream Previn (Angel sticker probably orig ER3)(Ang S37268, Fr C069-2879))

#tas EMI ASD3416 Bliss Things to Come Groves (orig ER3) (Soundtrack)

#tas EMI ASD3486 Brian Sym 8/9 Groves (orig ER3) (ED2908691)

#50 EMI ASD3857 Elgar Var: Enigma Previn (Angel sticker orig ER4) (Ang SZ37627)

​ Fairly rare.

#36 EMI ASD3871 Prokofiev PCon 2/3 Alexeev (orig ER4) (Melodiya C10-16029)

#tas @*EMI ASD3911 Shostakovich Sym 13 Previn (#tas ASD3911 orig ER4, Ang SZ37661)

​ Original is very rare and pricey. Reissue is on 3 sides.

#13 EMI CfP174 Rimsky-Korsakoff Scheherazade Kempe (orig black square label) (orig World ST657+, Crossroad 22160220)

​ First pressing is from World Record Club issue by EMI. CfP is a reissue.

#98 EMI CfP40028 Brahms PCon 1 Arrau/Giulini (orig black square label, 2nd cream flower label) (Ger\ 1C03700519, Ang S-35892, Ser S60264, orig Col SAX2387(ER1), in 1C187-50266/7)

Original is a very rare and pricey EMI Columbia SAX. My SAX is a second label. CfP is tough to find in US, more common in London .

#98 EMI CfP40034 Brahms PCon 2 Arrau/Giulini (orig black square label) (Ger\ 1C03700568, Ser S60052, orig Col SAX2466+ Odeon, in 1C187-50266/7)

​ Original is a very rare and pricey EMI Columbia SAX. CfP is tough to find in US, more common in London . My SAX is an Odeon.

#12 EMI CfP40036 Ravel Bolero; La Valse Cluytens (orig black square label) (on *Ang S36108 & 11 xclnt, MHS3395, in *TestamentSAX+)

Original issue is mega rare and very pricey four record Emi Columbia SAX set. Testament Reissue is superb. Angel Blue labels are excellent and fairly common and reasonable.

#40 EMI CfP40286 Vaughan Williams Sym 2 Handley (orig cream label) (MHS4659)

#tas EMI CSD1399 Sullivan Pineapple Poll Mackerras (black label, 2nd label) (#tas ESD7028 orig green/white label)

​ Original is quite rare and pricey CSD, but reissue ESD is excellent.

#10 EMI CSD3713 Sullivan Tempest Dunn (orig green label) (Klavier 521, *APCKlavier 521, ESD7057, MHS7151)

#17 EMI CSD3739 Hymns for all Seasons Willcocks (orig green label)

#17 EMI CSD3752 Anthems from Kings Willcocks (orig green label) (QCSD3752)

#65 EMI CSD3778 Handel Messiah: Choruses Willcocks (orig green label) (orig complete SLS845)

#tas EMI ESD7001 Wiren/Dvorak/Grieg/Tchaik/Nielsen Serenade Montgomery (orig green/white label)

Very rare in US, have seen advertised only once or twice. Have purchased copies in London .

#17 EMI ESD7011 Andre Previn in Concert Previn (orig green/white label) (partly in ESDW720 below)

#31 2EMI ESDW720 Music Festival Previn ((orig green/white label) major excerpts from ASD2784 "LSO Gala Concert" and ASD3131/3338 Andre Previn Music Nights 1/2)

#tas EMI EST-11542 Klaatu Klaatu ( #31 Capitol ST -11542)

#tas @EMI *Aus* OASD-7603 Antill Corroboree Lanchberry

#tas 2EMI SAN244/5(SLS939) Elgar Kingdom Boult (listed as SAN on lst press)(orig ES3) (2Conn CS2089)

#tas 9EMI SLS822 Vaughan Williams Symphonies 1-9 Boult (orig ER2) (contains ASD2375 above, SLS1547083, all symphonies are separately issued on ASD –Sym6 ASD2329 orig ER1, Sym4 ASD2375 orig ER1 (see above), Sym 1 (Sea) ASD2439-40 orig ER1, Sym3 (Pastoral) ASD2393 ER2, Sym8 ASD2469 orig ER2, Sym 5 ASD2538 orig ER2, Sym7 ( Antarctica ) ASD2631 orig ER2, Sym9 ASD2581, Sym2 ASD2740)

#tas 2EMI SLS834 Tchaikovsky Nutcracker Previn (orig ER3) (2C167-02337/8, Ang SB3788)

​ Quite common in London , not expensive.

#tas 2EMI SLS897 Shostakovich Sym 7 Berglund (orig ER3)

#tas 2EMI SLS982 Berlioz Requiem Fremaux (EY1) (2C18105891QB , World SCM51, Ang SB3814)

#tas 2EMI SLS998/SAN Elgar Caractacus (orig ES3) Groves

#11 3EMI SLS5070 Tchaik Swan Lake Previn (ER4) (Ger\ 1C183-02790, Ang SC3834)

#tas 7EMI SLS5082 Vaughan Williams Choral Music (orig ER3) Willcocks/Boult (contains ASD2422 above)

#19 7EMI SLS5099 Tchaikovsky Sym 1-6,Manfred Rostropovich (orig ER3) (Ang SGE-3847, Ger EMI 1512900, also individual symphonies released as ASD and Ang S-)

#tas 2EMI SLS5110 Prokofiev Ivan Terrible Muti (orig ER3) (Ang SB3851 xcnlt, Ger\ 1C15702966/67)

Very rare in Br pressing and pricey. More common in US pressing which has excellent sonics, though not as good at the Br. I have seen a few Ger pressings. Be sure not to mistake for another EMI/Angel recording by Stasevich.

#tas 2EMI SLS5117 Messiaen Sym: Turangalila Previn (orig ER3) (Ger 1652974, Ang SB3853)

#65 @2EMI SLS5177 Shostakovich Sym 6/11 Berglund (Angel sticker probably orig ER3)

#tas @EMI SVHL804 Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd (orig no bar code solid blue triangle label) (Jap\ EMS-80324 with SVHL804 matrix, #17@MoFi MFSL 1-017, MoFi UHQR, *Jap* Pro Sony EMLF-97002+, Jap EOP-80778, Harvest SMAS-11163, *EMI Cent 11)

​ Consensus is that the Jap Pro Use is the best. On the original Br and US pressings there is no bar code on the back cover.

#98 EMI SXLP30146 Debussy Nocturnes/LaMer Giulini (EB3) (orig Col SAX 2463+ ER1, Ang S35977 xclnt)

#tas EMI TWO350 Massenet Le Cid:Ballet Fremaux (orig black label) (#tas ESD7040 orig green/white label, KlavKS522,*Klav522)

​ Original TWO is superior and quite pricey, but ESD is still fabulous.

#tas EMI TWO404 Saint-Saens Sym 3 Fremaux (orig black label) (#17 ESD7038 orig green/white label, Q4TWO404, Klav KS526)

Original TWO is superior and very pricey, but ESD is still fabulous.

#33 EMI TWOX 1062 Vivaldi Four Seasons Koto Ensemble Tokyo (orig? tan label) (Ang S37450 xclnt)

​ Very rare. Angel is much easier to find and excellent.

#73 EMI *Ger* Elec1C06446311Computerwelt Kraftwerk (WB HS3549 "Computer World")

#tas EMI Isld ILPS9135 Tea for the Tillerman Cat Stevens (sunray 2nd label, BH says same as 1st ep) (MoFi MFQR1035, Mofi MFSL1035, #4 A&M4280 orig, *EMI)

​ First label is very rare, since Island changed to the sunray label shortly after "Tea" was first issued. Brian Hartsell says that the second label is the same pressing.

#14 EMI Isld ILPS9206 Catch Bull at Four Cat Stevens (ep) (86372XOT, #4 A&M SP-4365)

#tas EMI Isld ILPS9281 Natty Dread Bob Marley&Wailers

#tas @EMI ParEJ2400701 Autobahn Kraftwerk (#31VertigoVEL2003, orig Vert 6360620, EMC203)

​ The current TAS EMI Par is the third issue.

#98 @*Wilson WEMI-01 Walton Belshazzar's Feast Previn (#73 @EMI SAN324 EY1, Ang S36861)

​ The original SAN is not that rare, but I’ve never seen the Wilson reissue.

#tas World SCM-50 Finzi Die Natalis Holst/Finzi (CM-50 on cover with "STEREO" sticker) (EMI HQS1260, Everest 3136)

Very unusually, the World is the first issue, with the HQS coming a decade or so later. I found many mono copies in London , but only two stereo.

#73 Enigma K-53553 Saint-Saens Carnival Animals Hughes/Rippon(nar) (MHS4428)

​ Very rare, even in London . The MHS reissue is easier to find, but still rare.

#44 Enigma K-53585 Stravinsky Orpheus Lubbock (Ger\) (Br ASV ACM2025, None H-71401)

Very rare, Enigma is a German press, while the original? British pressing is on ASV. The Nonesuch issue, not too hard to find, is very nice, a little noisier surfaces, but excellent sonics.

#tas 3Erato EDO-250/2 Alain Organ Alain (blue/white label, black label) (MHS 804254, excerpts Erato EDO207, MHS OR309)

Extremely rare in EDO – I have two different labels and pressings with the same EDO number. The blue/white label comes in both full box and slip case. There is a 3 record MHS reissue, which is also fairly rare.

#36 FilmMusicColl FMC-3 Waxman Silver Chalice E. Bernstein

​ Quite rare.

#tas FilmMusicColl FMC-4 Herrmann Ghost and Mrs. Muir E. Bernstein (Var-Sar 704340)

​ Megarare in FMC pressing. Not easy to find, even in the Var-Sar reissue.

#tas Geffen GHS2019 Wild Things Run Fast Joni Mitchell

​ Easy to find.

#tas Har Mun HM 1003 Danses Anciennes de Hongrie Clemencic Consort

#tas Har Mun HM 1015 Music Grece Antique Paniagua

#tas @Har Mun HM 1036 Fete de L’Ane Clemencic Consort

#tas Hungar SLPX11978 Vivaldi Lute Concerti Benko/Sandor

#tas Insight Fidelity First Pigs Eye Jass V 2

​ Megarare. Sonics over content.

#tas KamaSutra KSBS2035 Songman Jim Dawson (Br\ 2319009, "Essential Jim Dawson" 2KSBS2163)

​ Extremely rare. Much more common is two record set of "Essential Jim Dawson" which has repressed "Songman" as one of the records.

#10 Kapp KRS5513 Melles Andromeda Strain

​ As a curiosity, this record was also issued in a hexagonal version (not playable)

#18 Labyrinth LBR1001 FM (aka Headroom) FM

#20 Levinson MAL-1 Bach Schubler Chorales Krigbaum

#20 4Levinson MAL-5 Bach Art of the Fugue Krigbaum (45rpm)


#tas Argo ZK1 Britten Noye’s Fludde Del Mar (square 6W) (ZNF1 orig oval 4/3D, Lon OS25331 ffrr ffss 4/5W)

#98 Argo ZNF6 Holst Choral Hymns Rig Veda/Savatri Baker/Holst (square 3G) (ZK098)

#44 Argo ZRG505 Pergolesi Magnificat Willcocks (oval grv 3G/1G)

#tas Argo ZRG701 Gerhard Sym 4/ViolinCon Davis (square 1G)

#73 Argo ZRG756 Messiaen Chronochromie Dorati (square 1G) (Fr EMICVA878, orig EMI ASD639 ER1, Ang)

#73 Argo ZRG787 Durufle Requiem Guest (square 1/3K) (Fr\ Decca 7.330)

#tas Argo ZRG5365 Evensong for Ash Wednesday Willcocks (square 2G)

#7 Argo ZRG5420 Reubke 94th Psalm Preston (oval 6G/4G) (ZK-14)

#tas 2Decca 6BB 121/2 Beethoven Sym 9 Solti (2/3/4/3W) (Ger\ 11534, Lon CSP8 2W, MoFi MFSL2-516)

#tas Decca ECS746 Prokofiev Con: Violin 1-2 Ricci (Lon CS6059 ffss 1E/K)

Very rare London CS is the first issue – the 1E/K stampers on both ffss and ffrr labels. Megarare ECS is the Decca reissue.

#tas 2Decca GOS558/9 Britten Prince of Pagodas (ffrr 1st label, 2/2/3/2G, 2nd label) (Lon STS15081/2 1G xclnt)

The Decca GOS is quite rare and pretty pricey. The Lon STS is more common and cheaper. Both are from the same stampers and sound the same to me.

#tas 2Decca HEAD 1/2 Messiaen Transfiguration Jesus Christ Dorati (4G/5A/6A/4G) (Fr\ 593035, Lon HEAD1/2 2/1/1/1G)

#tas @Decca HEAD6 Gerhard Plague Dorati (1/3G, Dutch 1/3G)

​ Very rare and very pricey.

#98 Decca PFS4095 Mussorgsky Pictures Exhibition Stokowski (5L/3L) (#12 Lon SPC21006 (1L large label+), Lon STS15558, SDD456+ 1W different pairing) (R2R)

#20 Decca PFS4213 Herrmann Great Film Classics (1L) (*PFS4213, Lon SPC44144 5/2W)

#tas Decca PFS4309 Herrmann Fantasy Film World (Lon SPC44207 2/1W, *MoFi MFSL1-240)

#tas @Decca PFS4337 Herrmann Mysterious Film World (1W) (aka 3 Worlds Gulliver listed in TAS) (#11 Lon SPC21137 1W)

​ Extremely rare as Decca. Finally found my copy in Paris !

#tas Decca PFS4394 Rozsa Ben Hur Rosza (1W) (#12 Lon SPC21166 1W)

#14 Decca PFS4395 Tchaikovsky Over:1812/Nutcracker (Moog) Kraft (3/1W) (Lon SPC21168 3/1W)

#tas Decca PFS4430 Rozsa Quo Vadis Rozsa (1G) (Lon SPC21180 1G)

#tas 4Decca SET514/7 Mussorgsky Boris Godunov Karajan (6/4/6/4/5/3/3/5WR) (Lon OSA1439)

#tas 3Decca SET561/3 Puccini Turandot Mehta (6/6/6/6/5/6GR) (Lon OSA13108 7/8/8/7/10/7GR)

#tas 2Decca SET565/6 Puccini La Boheme Karajan (4/2/2/1G) (Lon OSA1299, MoFi MFSL2-526) (Lon R2R)

#tas @3Decca SET609/11 Gershwin Porgy and Bess Maazel (1/4/1/3/1/1G) (Lon OSA13116, *SET609/11)

#tas Decca SPA122 Sibelius Sym5 Gibson (2W1W) (#tas LSC-2405, CRCA LSC-2405+, RCA VICS-1016 1S/2S, Br RCA VICS-1016, Lon STS15189 2W1W)

#tas *Decca SXL2012 Grieg Peer Gynt Fjeldstad (SXL2012 83E ED1, SDD111 8/3E, SPA421, SWL8007, Lon CS6049 ffss 6D/2E, Lon STS15040)

#tas *Decca SXL2020 Espana Argenta (#98 Lon CS6006 ffss 11G, SXL2020 54E ED1, Lon STS15601, SDD216 11G, ECS797, Jap King SMR5034)

#tas @Decca SXL2313 Herold/Lanchberry Fille mal Gardee Lanchberry ( 23E ED1) (SXL2313*, Ger* 6.41614, Lon CS6252 6/5W)

#tas Decca SXL6000 Khachaturian Gayane/Spartacus Khachaturian (23E ED2, ED5 4W) (Lon CS6322 6/5W, *SXL6000)(LonR2R)

#73 Decca SXL6006 Holst Hymn of Jesus/Perfect Fool Boult (ED1 2E, ED4 3W) (Lon CS6324 ffrr 3W, JB49)

#tas Decca SXL6204 Ravel Daphnis et Chloe Ansermet (2W ED1) (SPA230, ECS824, Lon CS6456 ffrr ring 2W, 5/7W, MHS7190A)

#tas Decca SXL6379 Strauss,R. Also Sprach Zar Mehta (ED4 6/4G) (Fr\ 7112, Lon CS6609 1/4G, Jap King K38C70006, Lon R2R)

#73 Decca SXL6570 Hoddinott Sym 3 Atherton (ED4 1W)

​ Extremely rare and pricey.

#100 Decca SXL6588 Offenbach Papillon Bonynge (ED4 2G) (Lon CS6812 ffrr 1G)

​ Fairly easy to find in the Lon CS pressing.

#73 Decca SXL6606 Hoddinott Sym 5 A.Davis (ED4 1W)

​ Extremely rare and pricey.

#tas 3Decca SXL6620/2 Prokofiev Romeo and Juliet Maazel (ED5 4/2/3/5/3/4W) (Lon CSA2312 2/1/1/1/1/1W)

#tas Decca SXL6691 Stravinsky Rite Spring Solti (LonCS6885 5/3W, GerTel6.41848, JapKingGXP9001)

​ Easy to find as a London CS, but very hard to find as a Decca SXL.

#100 2Decca SXL6744/5 Mahler Sym 2 Mehta (ED5 1/2/2/4W) (Lon CSA2242 1/2/2/3W, JapKing KIJC-9139/40)

#tas @Decca SXL6777 Prokofiev Sym 6 Weller (ED4 1/3W)(Lon CS7003 1/3W, *SXL6777)

#tas @Decca SXL6822 Respighi Feste Romane Maazel (ED5 3/2W) (#12 Lon CS7043 3/1W, MoFi MFQR1-507, MoFi MFSL1-507)

#98 King K38C70003 Dvorak Sym 9 Kertesz LSO (Decca SXL6291 11/10G, Lon CS6527 9/8W)

​ Very difficult to find in the Japanese pressing. King does not have the Othello Overture that the original SXL/CS have. Do not confuse with earlier recording with Kertesz and the Vienna Philharmonic.

#tas Linn Recut 01 Ravel/Prok PCon Katchen (#11 Lon CS6487 ffrr5L/4L, Dec SXL6209, Dec SDD 486, Lon STS15494)

#tas Lon CS6009 Stravinsky Petrushka Ansermet (ffss 1/2W) (#100 *Decca SXL2011, Lon STS15600, SDD240, ECS 819)

#tas Lon CS6046 Rodrigo Concierto Aranjuez Yepes (ffrr 6/8W) (orig SpAlhambra SCLL-14000, Dec SXL2091, Dec SDD446, Dec SPA233, in *Alto Argenta box)

The Alto reissue has a very large image of the guitar, stretching over much of the front stage. This is similar to my original Alhambra pressings, but not my London ffrr which is more normal in size. It is part of a set of 7 records all conducted by Argenta, with reproductions of the original Alhambra covers enclosed.

#tas Lon CS6126 Borodin Sym 2/3Ansermet (ffrr 1E) (#25 DecECS576 6A/4V, *CS6126, STS15149) (R2R)

​ Original is the Lon issue, no Decca SXL. The first Decca is the Eclipse reissue.

#tas Lon CS6323 Khachaturian Sym 2 Khachaturian (ffrr 1G)(Dec SXL 6001 ED4 2G) (R2R)

#tas @Lon CS6734 Holst Planets Mehta (3/4W) (*Jap*King KIJC9145, DecSXL6529 ED5 6/7W, *SXL6529) (R2R)

#tas Lon CS6816 Elgar Enigma Variations Mehta (3/5W) (Decca SXL6592 ED4 4/5W)

#tas Lon CS6840 Grieg/Schumann PCon Lupu (3/2G) (#50 Telefunken 1.41724, Dec SXL6624 3/5G, Ger Dec 6.41724, *Jap King KIJC-9161)

#tas 2Lon CSA2249 Mahler Sym 3 Mehta (1G) (Dec D117D2 1G dp, Jap King KIJC9014/5)

#tas 4Lon CSA2308 Stravinsky Ballets Ansermet (3322L42E 3W) (Decca GOS540-2 3322L42E)

The records are in auto changer sequence, with a bonus disc of “What Everyone Should Know About Classical Music” narrated by Ansermet.

#36 Lon LDR 71104 Canteloube Songs Auvergne V1 Te Kanawa (Digital, only Dutch press) (Decca SXDL7604)

#fi 2Lon OSA1209 Gilbert/Sullivan HMS Pinafore D'Oyly Carte (ffss 2232E, ffrr 4964G) (R2R) (Decca SKL4081-2 wb 2231E)

#tas 3Lon OSA1309 Wagner Rheingold Solti (ffss 323322E) (Decca SXL2101-3 ED1 1E , *Decca SET382-4, Jap* King KIJC-9152/54) (R2R**)

​ Was renumbered by Decca as SET382-4 for later pressings, the London OSA1309 catalogue number was kept in later pressings.

#tas 3Lon OSA1313 Verdi Aida Karajan/Tebaldi (ffss 6/4/4/5/5/4E) (Ger Decca 6.35261, Decca SXL2167/9 wb wallet, *Dec) (R2R)

#tas 6Lon OSA1604 Wagner Gotterdammerung Solti (1st label ffrr groove 6D43W5G34333433W) (Decca SET292-7 wb 433W5G44334434W) (R2R)

The shows how the Decca wide bands extend much later than the London ffss pressings. The London I have is the earliest issue as ffrr, while the Decca is a wide band.

#tas Lyrita SRCS033 Bliss Music for Strings Rignold (Decca, Nimbus) (MHS1251)

#7 Lyrita SRCS034 Holst Brook Green Suite Imogen Holst (Decca) (MHS1303)

#73 Lyrita SRCS046 Still,R. Sym 3-4 Fredman/Goosens (Decca) (MHS 1482)

#tas Lyrita SRCS075 Finzi Intimations of Immortality Handley (Decca) (MHS3598)

#44 Lyrita SRCS079 Williamson Organ Con Williamson/Boult (Decca, Nimbus)

#tas Lyrita SRCS101 Rawsthorne PCon 1 Binns (Decca, Nimbus)

#tas @Lyrita SRCS109 Arnold Dances: English/Scottish 1-8 Arnold (Decca, Nimbus)

One of my all time favorite records, this is the most expensive of the Lyritas. The Nimbus pressing is wonderful, but the Decca is superior. Unfortunately there was a very late EMI pressing released near the end of the vinyl era for Lyrita which is distinctly inferior.

#tas @Lyrita SRCS116 Maconchy Sym for Double String Orch Handley (Lyrita)

#tas Lyrita SRCS124 Lloyd Sym 5 Downes (Nimbus)

#50 Lyrita SRCS125 Vaughan Williams Sons of Light Willcocks (Lyrita)

#tas Lyrita SRCS126 Leigh Harpsichord Concertino Pinnock (Nimbus)

#tas @Mer SR90006 Prokofiev Scythian Suite Dorati (RFR1+) (#tas *CMer SR90006, *Classic45, SRI75030, BrAMS16009, mono MG50157)

​ For many years the TAS listing had this as SR90003 – which is the Menuhin Bartok Violin Concerto. Finally the TAS website has it correct. Judging from the sound of my RFR1 pressing and comments about the FR pressings compared to the Classic reissue, this may be a case where the later RFR is better than the FR.

#tas Mer SR90010 Debussy Iberia/La Mer Paray (FR1/2) (SRI75053pt, BrAMS16094)

#tas Mer SR90012 Saint-Saens Organ Sym 3 DuPre/Paray (FR10) (Fr\ 131.010, SRI75003, BrAMS16004)

#tas Mer SR90043 Music of Leroy Anderson 2 Fennell (FR1) (BrAMS16037) (R2R)

#73 @Mer SR90103 McPhee Tabuh-Tabuhan Hanson (RFR2/1) (Speakers Corner, BrAMS16093,SRI75116/75049)

​ Very rare and pricey. Speaker’s Corner reissue is equal or superior to original.

#tas Mer SR90132 Kodaly Hary Janos Suite Dorati (RFR1) (Fr\ 131018*, Br*AMS16025)

#tas Mer SR90134 Fiesta in HiFi Fennell (FR1) (BrAMS16016, ERA1012, "American Portraits")

#tas @*CMer SR90144 Hi-Fi ala Espagnole Fennell (#tas SR90144, *Classic45, SRI75097 "Malaguena", BrAMS16089)

In the original, the most expensive single SR90xxx Mercury. The SRI is also very rare.

#65 @Mer SR90150 Hanson Song of Democracy Hanson (FR1) (ERA1010)

#tas Mer SR90153 Respighi Brazilian Impressions Paray (RFR2)(Fr 131012, SRI75023, BrAMS16036, R2R)

#tas Mer SR90168 Franck Piece Heroique DuPre (FR1) (SRI75006, Br\AMS16030, *Fr*131001)

#tas @Mer SR90169 Widor Sym 6:Allegro DuPre (FR1) (BrAMS16097)

#tas Mer SR90172 Copland Rodeo Dorati (RFR1) (BrAMS16021)

#tas Mer SR90173 Winds in HiFi (aka Grainger Lincolnshire Posy) Fennell (FR6/1) (SRI75093, BrAMS16023)

#tas @Mer SR90175 Hanson Composer and his Orch Hanson (FR1) (BrAMS16007, ERA1005)

This is Howard Hanson’s version of Britten’s “Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra” complete with narration by Hanson and the playing of various instruments in his “Merry Mount Suite.” Quite charming, with Hanson on the cover looking like a thinner Colonel Sanders.

#65 Mer SR90177 Schmitt Tragedie Salome Paray (FR2/1)

#tas Mer SR90191 Overtures Francaises Paray (FR3/6) (BrAMS16013, SRW18071)

#tas Mer SR90192 Hanson Sym 2 Hanson (FR2) (SRI75007)

#tas Mer SR90197 British Band Classics V2 (aka Walton Crown Imp) Fennell (FR1) (SRI75028, BrAMS16043)

#tas Mer SR90199 Respighi Anc Airs/Dance 1/3 Dorati (FR1/3, RFR1/2) (#11 SRI75009, Speakers Corner, BrAMS16028, Fr 131009)

#tas Mer SR90204 Sibelius Sym 2 Paray (FR2/6) (SRW18057, BrAMS16061)

#tas Mer SR90219 Grainger Country Gardens (FR1)(#tas SRW-18060 dead wax SR90219 FR1/RFR1, SRI75102, BrAMS16060)

​ For many years the Mercury Wing SRW pressing was on the list and not the original SR90219. Brian Hartsell says that when he was visiting HP and pointed this out, HP took out the SRW and they looked at the dead wax. There was stamped SR90219 FR1 on one side and RFR1 on the other. So the record is really a SR90219 with a different label. All of the other SRW’s that I have seen have the SRW number in the dead wax, even though some have RFR stampers. My SRW copy is the same as HP’s. My SR90219 is an FR1 on both sides.

#tas Mer SR90223 Bloch ConGrosso 1-2 Hanson (FR2/1) (SRI75017, BrAMS16098)

#tas @*CMer SR90226 Stravinsky Firebird Dorati (#50 SR90226 (FR1/3), *Classic45, BrAMS16038, SRI75058, Ph 6538014, Br\ Ph SGL5827,

Br\ PhContour 6870574)

#tas Mer SR90248 Dorati Sym Dorati (RFR2, green promo)

#tas Mer SR90256 Ballet for Band Fennell (FR2/1) (BrAMS16070)

#tas @Mer SR90276 Wagner for Band Fennell (RFR6/1) (SRI75096, BrAMS16103)

#tas Mer SR90278 Berg Lulu/Wozzeck Suites Dorati (RFR1) (SRI75065, BrAMS16117)

#50 Mer SR90281 Ravel Daphnis et Chloe Paray (RFR1) (BrAMS16120)

#tas @Mer SR90283 Rachmaninoff PCon 3 Janis (RFR8/9) (SRI75068, Br\AMS16109)

#tas Mer SR90300 Prokofiev/Rachmaninoff PCon 3/1 Janis (RFR8) (Speakers Corner, SRI75068, Br\AMS16109, Ph 6582006)

#tas Mer SR90303 Dvorak Con: Cello Starker (RFR2/1) (Speakers Corner, SRI75068, BrAMS16109)

#tas @Mer SR90310 Balalaika Favorites Gnutov (RFR1)(#tas CMer SR90310, *Classic45, SRI75106, BrAMS16139, R2R)

#tas @*CMer SR90313 Ravel La Valse Paray (*Classic45, part on SRI75033 below)

#tas Mer SR90316 Vienna 1908-1914 Dorati (M3/RFR1) (Speaker’s Corner)

#11 Mer SR90379 Schuman New England Triptych Hanson (RFR1/2) (#11MerSRI75020)

#tas Mer SR90488 Rodrigo Concierto Andaluz Romeros (RFR2) (#10 MerSRI75021)

#tas 2Mer LPSD-201 Music of Civil War Vol.1 Fennell ( Gold Label RFR1/2) (SRI2-77011)

#98 Mer SRI75033 Ravel Bolero Paray (from SR90005/90313)

#25 Mer SRI75060 Bizet Suite: Carmen Paray (orig SR90001 FR5, SRW18074, BrAMS16053)

#tas MerLimelite LS-86072 Electric Love (Pop Moog) Electronic Concept Orchestra

#tas Mer 888-746-1 The Rhythm Divine Yello & Shirley Bassey (Single)

#tas MHS 1198 Bax Sym 6 Del Mar (orig Lyrita SRCS35 Decca pr)

Curiously, HP prefers the MHS reissue to the Lyrita original. Don’t know which Lyrita pressing Lyrita he has. The MHS is difficult to find.

#9 MHS 1472 Mussorgsky Pictures at an Exhibition (Organ) Hampton

​ Fairly easy to find.

#10 MHS 1758 Christmas at Colorado State CSU Singers

​ Not too difficult to find.

#100 MHS 4261 Celebrate with Harvard Glee Club

By far the rarest of the MHS on the list – usually quite pricey if the dealer knows what he/she has.

#25 @MoFi MFSL1-004 Power and Majesty Giorgi

#25 MoFi MFSL1-006 Touch John Klemmer

#22 MoFi MFSL1-030 Slowhand Eric Clapton

#25 MoFi MFSL1-058 City to City Rafferty (orig UA LAB840G, *Br* UAS30104)

Aside from the Beatles box, this is the most difficult to find of the MoFi Super Discs®. The US UA original pressing is quite common.

#36 MoFi MFSL1-522 Strauss,R. Also Sprach Zarathustra Reiner (orig RCA LSC-2609sd)

#tas MoFi MFSL1-238 Diamonds and Rust Baez (orig A&M SP4527, Naut NR12)

This was part of the last MoFi records to be issued. The original A&M is quite easy to find.

#tas MoFi MFSL1-244 Teaser and the Firecat Cat Stevens (Jp A&M AML105, EMI ILPM9154, A&M SP-4313 orig)

This was part of the last MoFi records to be issued. The original A&M has a white square on the side of the label. A bit hard to find, though later labels are very common.

#31 14MoFi MFSL Beatles Collection Beatles

This famous and pricey box set comes with a MoFi GeoDisc for aligning cartridges, and all 14 of the MoFi Beatles issues. It appeared just once on the list and disappeared. Mikey Fremer says that HP listed it without hearing it adequately (or not at all) and that the British pressings are superior.

#98 Monument SLP-18045 Very Best of Roy Orbison Orbison (listed as 78045) (Can\ WSLP-180845)

Brian Hartsell says HP meant to put "RO Greatest Hits", SLP-18000, which sounds better, on the list. I agree that SLP-18000 sounds better and should be on the list. The " Nashville " in dead wax pressing is best for 18000- cover white front/black back)

#tas Motown 4514-MG All Night Long Lionel Ritchie (Single)

#tas Mute*Br*Yaz12YAZ001 Don't Go Yaz (Single) (Sire/Mute 29886)

#tas * New World NW319 Cage Third Construction (aka “Pulse”) (#65 New World NW319)

#tas Non H-71028 Mozart 2 Piano Concerto Sancan/Pommier (Br\ H-71028 Black Label)

#tas Non H-71291 Percussion Music NJ Percuss (1st pr, Sterling , Quad HQ-1291)

#tas Non H-71293 Crumb Makrokosmos Burge

#tas Non H-71311 Crumb Music/Summer Evening Kalish

#73 Non H-71353 Wuorinen Percussion Sym Desroches

#tas @Non H-71354 Sing We Noel Cohen (reg label RE, purple label)

​ The most difficult to find and priciest of the Nonesuch on the list.

#73 Ocora 558907 Hykes Hearing Solar Winds

#65 Opus3 80-14 Maytan and Friends Framnas Sym

&#tas Orion ORS-78282 Reubke 94th Psalm/Trio, Karg-Elert Jesu, Geh’ Voran McVey

​ Megarare. Finally traded for a copy in 2002.

 Penn StateAJC-8 Penn State Glee Club

Ultramegarare. Finally obtained a copy through a Phonogram member – probably the most difficult to find on the list.

#7 2Philips 6700019 Berlioz Requiem Davis (R2R)

This appeared as a TAS Reference recording the precursor to the Super Disc® list. It disappeared shortly after. Easy to find.

#tas Polydor *Jap* 20MM-0290 Vangelis Antarctica Vangelis

#tas Polydor PD1-6112 Jarre Oxygene Jarre (MoFi MFSL1-212, \Fr* MTO7700, *Br*2310555, *Jap*MPF1098)

#98 Polydor 2473-105 Vangelis Opera Sauvage Vangelis (Fr, Dutch) (Jap\ MPF1302, many others)

​ The same catalogue number is on both French and Dutch pressings. I have both. I am guessing that HP has the French pressing.

#tas Polydor 887-529-1 Help Yourself Gerry Woo (Single)

#65 @Polygram 880-895-1 Desire Yello (Single)


#50 Chesky CR02 Rachmaninoff PCon 2 Wild (orig in Readers Digest RDA29 see below)

#73 @Chesky RC11 Reiner Sound Reiner (#50 RCA LSC-2183 sd, CRCA, *CRCA45, AGL1-1964)

#tas Chesky RC15 Ravel Daphnis et Chloe Munch (CRCA LSC-1893+, *Br* VICS-1297, VICS-1271 Suites 1 and 2 from original)

The original LSC is one of the priciest LSC albums, sharing honors with LSC-1806 and LM/LSC-1900 for being in the catalogues a relatively short time before being remade with the same conductors and orchestras in later LSC versions. My ears hear a significant difference between the original LSC (which I picked up for $1.98 in a clearance bin at EJ Korvette’s well before I had heard about TAS) and the reissued Classic, with the original very atmospheric, like looking through Vaseline smeared glass. The reissued Classic sounds much clearer and superior to my taste. The Chesky reissue is much closer to the original in sound. The US VICS has the two separate suites excerpted from the original, while the Br VICS is a reissue of the original LSC-1893, with the same atmospheric quality. So if you want the original sound, get the Chesky – for superior sound, get the Classic reissue.

#tas Chesky RC30 Power of the Orchestra Leibowitz (orig RCA VCS-2659 sd 6/4S, Quint PMS-7059)

Classic Records is currently reissuing selected RCA’s previously reissued on 33 as single sided 45. So far, careful listening to the initial six 45 releases has the sonics equal or superior to the original releases. Since most of the originals carry price tags several times the 45rpm price, this is certainly a bargain. NB: the sides are quite short which makes for frequent changes of records. Also, as noted below, two of the 45 issues do not have the entire album, just one side or part of one side. Sid Marks writing in “Ultimate Audio” disagrees – the originals are better.

#tas @2CRCA LDS-6065 Royal Ballet Gala Ansermet (CRCA 45)

The most valuable of the original Living Stereos on the list. For sonics, the Classic 45 reissue on nine single sided records is reported to generally equal to the original. It doesn’t have the beautiful Soria Book however, that comes with both the original and the regular Classic Reissue. The latter was printed in two versions, a deluxe limited edition which is a clone of the original, and a less expensive slip cover album, both with clones of the original book.

#tas CRCA LSC-1806 Strauss,R. Also Sprach Zarathustra Reiner (CRCA 45+, VICS-1265 1S)

​ One of the seven most valuable Living Stereo originals on the list (others are LDS-6065, LSC-1817, LSC-2225, LSC-2241, LSC-2436 in the 1S stamper, and LSC-2449. You will seldom see any below $300.)

#tas CRCA LSC-1817 Offenbach Gaite Parisienne Fiedler (LSC-1817 sd 10S, *CRCA 45, *CheskyRC110+, VICS-1012)

​ One of the seven most valuable Living Stereo originals on the list. For the original, the 10s, and 10s/11s stampers are considered superior.

#tas @CRCA LSC-1900 Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique Munch (orig LM-1900 not in stereo, AGL1, R2R in Stereo)

The first stereo issue of this was the AGL1, with the Classic as the first stereo issue of the Living Stereo LSC. There have been rumors of a small issue of the original LSC and one dealer had a $10,000 reward for a genuine original LSC-1900. There are two covers of the original LM, the original cover a fantasy art counterpart to the Chet Atkins in Hollywood famous "blonde" second cover.

#tas CRCA LSC-1934 Bartok Concerto for Orchestra Reiner (#73 LSC-1934 sd 9/8S, VICS-1110, *CRCA 45)

#tas @CRCA LSC-2150 Prokofiev Lieutenant Kije Reiner (#42 LSC-2150 sd 15/10S, *CRCA 45, Chesky RC10, Br VICS-1290, AGL1-3881)

#tas @CRCA LSC-2201 Mussorgsky Pictures Exhibition Reiner (LSC-2201 sd 22/25S, *CRCA 45, #31 Br VICS-2042, Jpn RCL1030)

#tas @CRCA LSC-2222 Debussy Iberia Reiner (CRCA 45)

​ The 45rpm is only one record which contain only part of the album.

#tas @CRCA LSC-2225 Witches Brew Gibson (#73 LSC-2225 sd 13S, *CRCA 45, aka Arnold Tam O'Shanter)

​ One of the seven most valuable Living Stereo originals on the list.

#tas @CRCA LSC-2234 Saint-Saens PCon 2 Rubinstein (orig LSC-2234 sd4/1S, 8/5S, Br\ SB2023 Decca/RCA)

#tas CRCA LSC-2241 Tchaikovsky Over:1812 (Liszt Mephisto) Reiner (LSC-2241 sd 1S, CRCA 45+)

One of the seven most valuable Living Stereo originals on the list. Did not sell well due to close release of similar Living Stereo album by Morton Gould. See also note in VICS-1424.

#tas CRCA LSC-2322 Shostakovich Sym 1 Martinon (VICS-1184, Br\ VICS-1184, Lon STS15180, Dec ECS580, *CRCA 45)

#tas CRCA LSC-2374 Bartok Music for Percussion Reiner (*CRCA 45, LSC-2374sd-g, Br VICS-1620)

#tas @CRCA LSC-2398 Kabalevsky Comedians Kondrashin (#73 LSC-2398sd1S, CRCA 45, R2R)

The 45rpm is only two records, one sided, which contains only the Kabalevsky side of the album.

#tas @CRCA LSC-2423 Festival Reiner (CRCA 45, #73 LSC-2423 sd 1S, It\ LSC-2423, Br\ VICS-1068, VICS-1068, R2R)

#tas CRCA LSC-2430 Rachmaninoff Rhapsody Paganini Rubinstein (#98 LSC-2430 sd 4/6S, CRCA 45, *Br* SB-2144)

#tas @CRCA LSC-2436 Respighi Pines Rome Reiner (orig 1S+) (#73 LSC-2436 sd 14/11S) (#25 Br\ VICS-1565, #36 Br\ VICS-2040 *Ger*, *CRCA 45, BrSB-2103(1s), Jap RCL1044, R2R)

One of the seven most valuable Living Stereo originals on the list in the 1S press. I bought a 1S without knowing its special status (for $4 used in nm condition). The 1S has very deep bass and was quite difficult to track, leading RCA to cut back on the bass in subsequent pressings. The Classic reissue restores the bass, with some decrease in the sweetness of the strings, though the 45 reissue is much better in that regard - about ideal except for the extra side change for each piece - certainly a bargain at $40 compared to the 1S prices of $500 or more.

#tas @CRCA LSC-2446 Rimksy-Korsakoff Scheherazade Reiner (LSC-2446 sd3S, *CRCA 45, Chesky RC04, Br VICS-1480)

I first got to know this performance from the Chesky reissue, which I think sounds great and can be found reasonably priced. The consensus is that for the original, the later white dog pressings sound better than the shaded dogs. I only have a shaded dog (picked up recently for $3.95) so I can’t comment.

#tas @CRCA LSC-2449 Bizet Carmen Suite/Gounod Faust Ballet Music Gibson (CRCA 45, VICS-1108, Br\Decca SPA97 contains Gounod only)

​ One of the seven most valuable Living Stereo originals on the list. Originally Decca produced.

#tas CRCA LSC-2465 Prokofiev PCon 2 Frager (#73 LSC-2465)

#tas CRCA LSC-2471 Rhapsodies Stokowski (#73 LSC-2471 sd 7/6S)

#tas @CRCA LSC-2541 Rachmaninoff PCon 1 Janis (*CRCA 45, VICS-1104)

#tas @2CRCA LSO-6006 At Carnegie Hall Belafonte (#tas LSO-6006 1S, *CRCA 45) (R2R)

#tas CRCA LSP-1773 Bob and Ray throw a Stereo Spectacular Bob and Ray (#tas LSP-1773 1/11S)

#tas CRCA LSP-1972 Belafonte Sings the Blues Belafonte (*CRCA 45, LSP-1972 11/5S)

#tas 3RCA LDS-6164 Bizet Carmen Karajan (8/10/6/5/19/4S) (LSC-6164, Br LDS-6164, and Lon) (R2R)

#tas 2RCA LDS-7022 Puccini Tosca Karajan (5/2/3/7S) (Dec 5BB123-4 4/5/4/4G, Lon OSA1284)

#40 RCA LSC-2077 R.Strauss Till Eulenspiegel Reiner (sd 1/3S) (CRCA, VICS-1004, *CRCA 45, Br SB2036, Br Decca ECS674)

#50 RCA LSC-2230 Spain Reiner (sd 5/1S) (CRCA, , *CRCA 45, Chesky RC09, #36 AGL1-1332, VICS-1294)

#tas RCA LSC-2314 Prokofiev VCon 2 Heifetz (sd 4S, *CRCA, R2R)

​ The Prokoviev side is better than the Mendelssohn side.

#44 RCA LSC-2328 Tchaikovsky Nutcracker Suite Reiner (sd 9/8S) (Fr\GL43709, VICS-1460)

#tas @RCA LSC-2367 Gershwin American Paris/Rhapsody in Blue Wild (sd 1S) (Chesky RC08)

#tas RCA LSC-2369 Tchaikovsky Sym 4 Monteux (sd 5/6S) (CRCA, AGL1-1328, *Br* GL11328, Jap RCL1017, R2R)

#tas RCA LSC-2378 Schubert String Quartet 12/14 Juilliard SQ (sd 1S) (Br\ SB2079, CRCA)

#tas RCA LSC-2435 Sibelius Violin Concerto Heifetz (sd 1/6S) (Br SB4048, CRCA)

#tas RCA LSC-2487 Arnold Guitar Concerto Bream (sd 5S) (R2R)

​ The sd is very rare and pricey. The white dog is still pretty rare.

#tas RCA LSC-2500 Strauss, J. Strauss Waltzes Reiner (15/11S sd) (CRCA)

#98 RCA LSC-2507 MacDowell Con: Piano 2 Cliburn (sd 3S) (Ger\, Br SB2113)

#tas RCA LSC-2566 Grieg PCon Rubinstein (sd 16/11S) (R2R)

#tas RCA LSC-2762 Menotti Amahl Night Visitors Grossman (wd 4/3S) (Br\ LSB4075, *Br* SB6634)

This is a dynagroove recording, with white dog as earliest pressing. New, sealed no dog pressings are fairly common.

#73 RCA LSC-2893 Ives Variations on America Gould (wd 1S, nd thick 1/7S, *Br* SB6887)

​ Fairly easy to find, particularly in the no dog pressing, with the white dog a bit harder to find.

#10 RCA LSC-2914 Varese Arcana Martinon (wd 2/1S, Br\ SB6710)

#2 RCA LSC-3280 Vaughan Williams Sym 9 Previn (2S, df)

The was one of the first HP Reference Recording selections, which disappeared from the list before the official Super Disc® list began.

#50 RCA VICS-1424 Weinberger Schwanda: Polka&Fugue Reiner (2/1S thick pink original label) (CRCA, Ca Camden 1424, CRCA)

This recording originated in sessions at the same time as LSC-2241, the Reiner Over:1812, with some selections appearing in the mono version of the Over:1812 album. The original VICS press is on thick vinyl, with the late pink label. Later pressing have the same label, with the thin dynaflex vinyl.

#12 RCA ARL1-2044 Brahms PCon 1 Rubinstein (CRCA LSC-1831+, *CRCA 45)

The ARL1 was the original release of this early stereo recording. The Classic Reissue is the first time it has appeared as a Living Stereo LSC recording. It is superior to the ARL.

#tas @RCA LSP-1866 Music for Bang, Baaroom, and Harp Schory (6/4S) (CRCA, CRCA 45)

#tas @RCA LSP-1968 Wild, Wild West Norman Hunter Choir (1/4S)

A recent addition to the Super Disc® list, the record combines old western songs with sound effects of a roundup. I rate this as a nice novelty disc, with superior sonics.

#tas RCA LSP-1993 In Hollywood Atkins (blonde cover) (21S) (CRCA)

There are two covers- the original has a guitar with the lights of a city in the background. This was chosen by Classic for their reissue. The second is the famous well endowed blonde at the corner of Hollywood and Vine cover.

#tas RCA LSP-2175 Other Chet Atkins Atkins (12S)

#tas RCA LSP-2549 Caribbean Guitar Atkins (1S)

#tas RCA LSP-2559 Mancini Hatari Mancini (10/7S) (*Ger ARS)

#tas RCA LSP-4140 Mancini Warm Shade of Ivory Mancini (orig orange label 1S)

There are two covers, very similar looking. The earliest 1S stamper has a black print on the cover, while the later cover has a very small “RE” in the lower left corner. Usually revised covers have the "RE" next to the catalogue number on the back cover.

#tas RCA ARL1-1367 Sondheim Pacific Overtures Gemignani (ARL1-4407)

#tas 2RCA CBL2-3379 Sondheim Sweeney Todd Lansbury

​ Fairly easy to find, and not pricey.

#36 RCA *Br* ARL1-0708 Waxman Bride Frank'stein/Sunset Blvd Gerhardt (Br\ GL43442, ARL1-0708)

#tas RCA *Br* GL43440 Steiner Gone with the Wind Gerhardt (ARL1-0452)

#tas RCA *Br* GL43441 Herrmann Citizen Kane, etc. Gerhardt (#18 Br\ ARL1-0707, ARL1-0707)

The GL series is the British reissue of the original ARL series which was pressed both in Britain and the US . My GL came with a surprise, the inside sleeve was autographed by Herrmann with a small hand written score of the first notes of the Citizen Kane theme.

#tas RCA *Br* GL43445 Tiomkin Lost Horizon Gerhardt (#20 ARL1-1669, *Br* RL42317)

#tas RCA *Br* LSB4090 Rachmaninoff Sym3 Previn (orig Br\ SB-6729, LSC-2990+ wd 3/2S)

The US dynagroove LSC is better sounding than the LSB. The original SB issue is very hard to find and is superior to both.

#98 RCA *Br* LSB4094 Satie/Debussy Gymnopedies 1&2 (LSC-2945 wd 1/2S, *Br*SB6721,*Ger*GL42303)

#tas RCA *Br* RL42005 Spectacular World of Classic Film Scores aka Tiomkin "Thing" Gerhardt (ARL1-2792)

One of the most difficult to find in the British pressing, HP has always listed this as Tiomkin’s “The Thing”, making search quite difficult, since the actual name of the album is “The Spectacular World of Classic Films.” It is mostly a sampler of the RCA Charles Gerhardt film score series, but with a new section from “The Thing.” The US pressing is easier to find, though still rare. The US pressing is normally not too highly priced, since dealers don’t usually know it is an alternate Super Disc®.

#11 2RCA *Br* RL2-5035 Khachaturian Gayne Tjeknavorian (Br\, *It*) (CRL2-2263)

The TAS review indicates an Italian pressing, which is identified only on the label of the record. I also have a British pressing. The US CRL pressing is quite common and sounds very good.

#19 3RCA *Br* RL2-5098 Borodin Orch Music Tjeknavorian (Jap RVC-7576, CRL3-2790)

#11 RCA *Br* LRL1-5129 Tchaikovsky Sym 6 Tjeknavorian

Never have seen this in the US , only seen from one US dealer’s list. I have found several copies in London . Tjeknavorian's face in a closeup is on the cover.

#11 RCA *Br* SB6838 Strauss,R Rosenkavalier Waltzes Previn (LSC-3135, AGL1-2940)

#25 RCA *Fr* GL43706 Strauss,J Strauss Waltzes Reiner (partly on LSC-2500)

Quite rare, but not pricey, since most do not recognize this as a former Super Disc®. Contains much, but not all of LSC-2500, and additional cuts.

#18 RCA *It* OLS3 Morricone Once Upon a Time in the West (LSP-4736)

#tas RCA *Jap* RDC-4 Beethoven PSon 23 Kamiya (45rpm)

​ Fairly common. In your face very close miked closeup sound. 45rpm, D2D.

#31 RCA *Jap* RDCE-7 Chopin PSon 3 Auer

#24 RCA *Jap* RVC-2154 Amemiya Summer Prayer

#44 RCA *Jap* RVL-1 Audio Sym V.1 Sugiyama

#tas 4Readrs Dig RDA-29 Romantic Rachmaninoff Wild (PCon 3 on #33 Br RCA GL25292 gold cover only) (PCon4/Rhap on Br RCA GL25293, PCon 1/2 on Br\ RCA GL25291, Chesky CR2-PC2 above, Chesky CR41-PCon4/Rhap, *Quint PMC7052-PC1, PMC7006 -PC2/Rhap, PMC7030-PC3, PMC7053-PC4)

This original is a dynagroove pressing by RCA for Reader's Digest - one of the best of the dynagrooves. The Chesky reissues, using the master tapes are very fine, but PCon3 is missing (it is in their CD series). The Quintessence earlier reissue is only fair. HP selected PCon3 for an early TAS from the British RCA reissue, which has all of the PCon's.

#tas @Realtime RT101 Ellington For Duke Bill Berry

#tas Realtime RT105 Fatha Hines

#tas Realtime RT106 Hot Stix Ed Graham

#33 Realtime RT110 Encore Roger Wagner Chorale

Both RT101 and RT105 are very rare and command premium prices. RT106 slightly less expensive, and RT110 more common and lower in price.

All Reference Recordings are fairly easy to find at reasonable prices except for RR-8UHQR as mentioned below and RR-12. RR-12 is fairly rare and quite pricey. RR-11 and RR-21 were both reissued in 180g vinyl editions.

#tas Ref Rec RM-1004 Ravel Ma Mere l'Oye Skrowaczewski (reissue from part of Vox Box listed below)

#tas Ref Rec RR-07 Prof Johnson’s Astounding Sound Show Keith Johnson

#50 RefRecRR-08UHQR The Forward Look Red Norvo Quintet (RR-08 33rpm, 45rpm)

The UHQR pressing is at 45rpm, while the original issue is at 33rpm. When Reference had JVC do a second run of 45rpm’s, JVC had stopped doing UHQR, so the second run is on regular vinyl, though the label says UHQR. Reference includes a note explaining this. The UHQR is megarare. I have both the 33 and 45, but not the UHQR.

#tas Ref Rec RR-09 In Formation Kronos SQ

#25 Ref Rec RR-10 Purcell/Chiara Tempest DeCocteau

#50 @2Ref Rec RR-11 Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique Kojian (HQ)

#tas @Ref Rec RR-12 Dafos Hart/Airto/Purim

#65 Ref Rec RR-13 Tafelmusik Tafelmusik

#65 Ref Rec RR-14 Your Friendly Neighborhood Big Band Catinglub/Rivers

#44 @Ref Rec RR-16 Walton Facade/Strauss Till Eulenspiegel Chicago Pro Musica

#tas Ref Rec RR-18 Reflections Walker/Garson

#50 Ref Rec RR-19 Gershwin Songs Marni Nixon

#98 Ref Rec RR-20 Serendipity Garson

#tas Ref Rec RR-21 Star of Wonder SF Choral Artists (HQ)

#73 Ref Rec RR-24 Three-way Mirror Moreira/Purim

#73 Ref Rec RR-26 Blazing Redheads

#73 Ref Rec RR-29 Weill Threepenny Opera Suite Chicago Pro Musica

#73 @Ref Rec RR-30 Sings Harold Arlen Eileen Farrell

#73 @Ref Rec RR-31 Tropic Affair Jim Brock

#73 @Ref Rec RR-32 Sings Rodgers & Hart Eileen Farrell

#tas @Ref Rec RR-34 Torch Songs Eileen Farrell

#73 Ref Rec RR-37 Oxnard Sessions V1 Garson

#tas 2Ref Rec RR-48 Arnold Overtures Arnold

#tas 2Ref Rec RR-55 Stravinsky Ebony Concerto Bruce Yeh

#tas Reprise MS2037 Summer Side of Life Gordon Lightfoot

​ Took me a long time to find this. Now I see them quite regularly.

#tas Reprise MS2038 Blue Joni Mitchell (*WEA27199, *Simply Vinyl SV018)

​ Quite easy to find.

#11 Reprise MS2260 Barry King Kong Barry

When new, came with a large poster which was attached by perforations to the outside back cover. Most used copies are missing the poster.

#13 Reprise RS6453 Surf's Up Beach Boys (*EMI Cent 22)

#36 Richardson 70001 Eternal Father V1 US Naval Academy Choir Talley/Dale (orig RRS-1)

One of the very hardest to find, this is actually a reissue of the original RRS-1 which has the same music in a different order. The reissue claims to be an audiophile recording. I found both sitting at the very front of a $1 bargain bin.

I Sarastro SAR7701 Verite du Clavecin (45rpm) Chapelin

Megarare, I’ve only seen this on a dealer list once – Irvington , where it was listed for $10. A very large number of TAS collectors tried to order it, leading Susan Gunderson to write a note saying that now she knows it is valuable. Finally found one in Paris – for $25.

#tas Sceptre SPS573 Soulful Dionne Warwick (1st label+, Capital pr, Ger\ SHA-S 401)

The first label is superior in sound to the later Capital pressing (in the dead wax).

All Sheffields are fairly easy to find at reasonable prices, normally in great condition. S-10 is probably the hardest single record to find, while the box set “Moscow Sessions” is also rare.

#7 Sheffield S-10 The Missing Linc II Mayorga

#7 Sheffield LAB01 Distinguished Colleagues Mayorga

#27 Sheffield LAB03 King James Version Harry James

#73 Sheffield LAB05 Discovered Again Dave Gruisin

#65 Sheffield LAB07 Wagner Ring: Excerpts Leinsdorf

#65 Sheffield LAB08 Prokofiev Romeo/Juliet Suite Leinsdorf

#65 Sheffield LAB10 Classical Guitarist Newman

#73 Sheffield LAB11 Still Harry After All These Years Harry James

#73 Sheffield LAB12 New Baby Don Randi&Quest

#tas Sheffield LAB13 Growing Up in Hollywood Town McBroom/Mayorga

#tas Sheffield LAB14 Sheffield Drum Record Keltner/Tutt

#65 Sheffield LAB16 Italian Pleasures (Guitar) Newman

#65 Sheffield LAB18 Strauss,R.. Violin Sonata in Eb Steinhardt/Mayorga

#tas @Sheffield LAB20 Sheffield Track Record Buchanan/Howard

#65 Sheffield LAB21 My Name is Makowicz (Jazz) Adam Makowicz

#98 Sheffield LAB22 Grieg Lyric Pieces 1 Chicago Sym Winds

#73 Sheffield LAB23 James Newton Howard (Rock) Howard

#tas @3Sheffield TLP1000 Moscow Sessions LL Smith (available separately as TLP-25/6/7)

The rarest of the Super Disc® Sheffields, though the separate records are fairly common.

#tas Sire SA-7526 Novella Renaissance (orig Br\ WB K56422)

#65 Solar 9E1-60239 The Look Shalamar

#tas Song of Woods 7811 Strayaway Child Smith/Fellenbau

​ Quite rare.

#tas Streetwise SWRL2210 I.O.U Freeze (Single)

I 2Syrinx 002 Schubert Quintet: String

​ Megarare, it was the final TAS record to complete my collection.

#73 Syrinx 0977-011 Mozart Quartet: Flute 1-4 Marion (Lyrinx on label, Syrinx on Cover)

Megarare. The cover says Syrinx, while the label says Lyrinx. The cover is a gatefold, identical to all of my Lyrinx albums, except for the name Syrinx

#36 Telarc 10039 Stravinsky Firebird Suite Shaw

#27 Telarc 10042 Mussorgsky Pictures at an Exhibition Maazel

#31 Telarc 10047 Tchaikovsky Sym 4 Maazel

#20 Telarc 10048 Bizet Suite: Carmen Slatkin

#36 Telarc 10050 Grainger Lincolnshire Posey Fennell

#36 2Telarc 10056/7 Orff Carmina Burana Shaw

​ Rarest of the Super Disc® Telarcs.

#tas Telarc 10066 Mahler Sym 1 Slatkin

All Telarcs are digital, with CD equivalents.

#tas True North TN-43 Avoid Freud Rough Trade (Stiff Use 14)

#tas True North TN-48 for those who think young Rough Trade (*Boardwalk NB33261-1)

#tas True North TN-50 Shaking the Foundations Rough Trade (Br\ CBS25412)

#65 True North TN-55 Weapons Rough Trade

#50 2Umbrella DD4 Big Band Jazz McConnell

#20 Unicorn DKP9000 Herrmann North by Northwest Johnson (Varese-Sar SV-95001)

#18 Unicorn RHS 336 Herrmann Psycho Herrmann (HNH Uni UN1-75001) (R2R)

​ The HNH pressing is as good as the original.

#10 2Unicorn RHS302-3 Mahler Sym 3 Horenstein (box set bp, gatefold dp) (HNH Uni UN2-75004X, #2 Non HB-73023)

I have two Unicorn RHS pressings. The ultrarare Br press is in a box, while the more common Dutch press is in a gatefold. The Nonesuch press was a very early TAS#2 selection and is very easy to find.

#tas *Van AP001 Thomson Plow Broke Plains Stokowski (orig VSD2095) (R2R)

#65 Van Jap K18C-8501 Canteloube Songs of Auvergne Davrath (*APC002, orig VSD2090) (R2R)

I have only seen the Japanese pressing advertised once. HP also likes the original Van press (Black label, with horse at bottom).

#tas Van SRV275SD Gould Latin American Symphoniette Abravanel (#tas *APC003) (R2R)

#tas @Van VSD2150 Reunion at Carnegie Hall Weavers (first label, second label) (*APF005)

First label is very rare. Early stampers are typeset in deadwax, later stampers are hand printed.

#tas Van VSD9200 Farewell, Angelina Joan Baez

​ The original mono sounds better to me than the original stereo.

#tas Van VSD2122 In Concert V.1 Joan Baez

#tas Varese-S STV-81244 Homrich-Gascoigne Emerald Forest (Soundtrack) (Ger\ Colosseum CST8008)

#tas Varese-S VC-81105 Myrow/Seagrave Phantasm (Soundtrack)

#tas Virgin 1-91329 Horner Glory (Soundtrack) (Br V-2614. *Classic)

Horner derives some of the themes from Prokofiev’s Ivan the Terrible, also a Super Disc®.

#50 Virgin *Br* V2185 Face Value Phil Collins (Ger\ WEA99143, Atlantic SD16029, WEA54939, *Jap Atlantic P10984)

#tas @Virgin *Br*VS400-12 Don't You Want Me Baby Human League (Single)

#tas Virgin *Br*VS-765112 King in a Catholic Style China Crisis (Single)

#tas Virgin*Br*ZTT-1TAS1 Relax Frankie Goes to Hollywood (Single) ( Island 0-96975, sl.diff contents)

#tas Vir*Br*ZTT12xZTAS12 Machinery Propaganda (Single) ( Island 0-96835, *Br* 12ZTAS12)

#tas 3Vox QSVBX5132 Gershwin Music Gershwin Slatkin (SVBX5132+ Columbia Press, Excpts*RefRec RM1003/5)

#tas 4Vox QSVBX5133 Ravel Music of Ravel Skrowaczewski (Excerpt on TAS RefRec RM1004 and RM1001 )

#tas WarnBros 1727 Song Cycle Van Dyke Parks

#25 WarnBros Pro 496 Superecord: Contemporary Various

#tas WarnBros BS-2886 Greatest Hits Seals and Croft (Jap\ P10071W, WB BSK3105)

#73 WarnBros 23728-1 Love over Gold Dire Straits (Jap\ Vertigo 25PP-60, Br Vertigo 6359109)

#tas WarnBros WS1449 Peter, Paul and Mary PPM (orig white/gold label)

#tas WarnBros *Br*W-9006T Take on Me Aha (Single)

#98 Wilson W-808 Ragtime Razzmatazz 1 Wetch

#tas Wilson W-8111 Magnum Opus 1 Welch

#tas Wilson W-8313 Stravinsky Petrushka (Piano) Hyperion Knight

#50 Wilson W-8315 Enescu Violin/Piano Sonata 3 Abel/Steinberg

#tas Wilson W-8722 Debussy Violin/Piano Sonata 3 Abel/Steinberg

#tas @ Wilson W-8823 Winds of War and Peace Graham

#tas @Wilson W-8824 Center Stage Graham

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