At Spiral Classics I take great care over grading my vinyl records for condition. I believe that great classical music recordings deserve to be heard at their best.

I also provide a record-cleaning service for purchases.

Based in the UK, I send LPs worldwide.

You will find information below about

Ordering and contact information may be found on the contact page.

You may like to note that all this information may also be found in my catalogue.


Most of the records in this catalogue are second hand (used). Any new LPs say NEW after the price.

Otherwise, I use the following gradings:

Records in poor condition are not usually included in the catalogue.

Sleeves are in similar condition to the LP, or better, unless I describe a problem.

An "E-" sleeve is very nearly excellent. A "V/E" sleeve has minor problems, such as some wear to its edges, a small tear, or some tape.

Please ask me if you want more information about a sleeve.

I am aiming to provide reliably graded records, & I examine records very carefully, & try out any visible marks on my office turntable (a Garrard 401) to see if they sound. When a mark sounds quite softly, I describe this as a "tick". Loud sounds are described as "clicks". I realise that different equipment may produce different results. I aim to provide enough guidance on condition for you to choose the condition you find acceptable.

As a rule of thumb, I expect records graded "E" or "V/E" to sound perfect, unless I mention a problem in the text. I suggest you try out my "G" grade to see if this grading is acceptable to you. "F" grade records are still playable, & can be good value if you are not irritated by some noise on records.

Established collectors will know already that early pressings often have more surface noise than later issues. My practice is to adjust my gradings to take account of this.


All vinyl records, however well cared for, gradually acumulate dust in the grooves, resulting in "ticky" noises even on LPs that look perfect. I have a Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine, which gently brushes each side of the LP with a mixture of alcohol & distilled water, and then vacuums off the fluid and dirt giving a very much quieter surface. Unless you have access to a similar machine yourself I do recommend you to ask me to clean your records before despatching them. The charge of £3.00 per LP includes a new inner sleeve.

Key to Catalogue Abbreviations

All records are stereophonic unless one of the following codes appears:

Labels & Pressings

My catalogue includes a brief description of the record label where this may be helpful to the collector.

For Decca SXL 2000s and SXL 6000s up to about SXL 6400, I describe the original label as "wide band".

The earliest wide band pressings have a groove in the vinyl about 1 cm in from the outer edge of the label. These are described as "groove pressings".

I describe the next label as "narrow band". This is the later label for Decca SXL issues up to about 6400, and the original label for SXL 6449 onwards. Some LPs between SXL 6400 & 6449 have no wide band label.

If I say that the label is "wide band" or "narrow band" the pressing is always an English pressing. For other Decca labels, such as SOL, DSLO, ZRG, SPA, I generally describe the pressing - English or Dutch. But please note that ECS & SDD labels are almost always English pressings, so I don't describe the pressing unless it is Dutch.

For ASD and SAX labels I describe the label, & say "original" if it is the first label for that record code.

For mono issues such as LXT, ALP, 33CX, I describe the label.

If you are not certain that a copy has the right pressing or label for you, please ask.


I give 10% discount on large orders. Large orders must total over £1,000 AND contain at least 25 items. I will also give 10% discount for orders of 50 items or more, even if the total is less than £1,000.


Card payments

I can accept payment by Visa or Mastercard or most British Debit cards.

You can pay online after I have sent you the invoice. If you choose this option a link to a secure web page provided by PaymentSense will be emailed to you.

Or you can phone me with your details, or send a letter. Please tell me the 16 digit number, the expiry date, the start date, the issue number (if any) and the security number. (The last 3 digits, on the back of the card, above your signature).

Do not send card information by email.


UK: Please make Cheques or Postal Orders payable to M.S. Singer.

Overseas: Please pay in Sterling (GBP), by a cheque that names a bank in England. Or you can sent me an International Money Order, or cash in GBP in a registered (insured) letter. I can also accept US Dollars or Euros in cash. But there is an additional fee for payment in Dollars or Euros. Please ask me for details.

Please write your cheque or International Money Order out to M.S. Singer.

Bank Transfer

You can transfer payment direct into my bank account if you wish. Please ask me for my bank account details when you order. My bank may charge a small fee, which I will add to the invoice.

Postage & Packing

UK Postage and Packing

Sent by Royal Mail:
No of LPsCost of P&P
1 or 2 LPs £5.40
2 to 4 LPs in a boxed set £5.90
3 to 7 LPs £5.90

2 or more boxed sets of LPs usually weigh over 2kg so are sent by UPS (see UPS rates below).
Parcels weighing over 2kg are sent by UPS:
No of LPsCost of P&P
8-12 LPs tracked, no insurance £8.50
8-12 LPs tracked, full insurance £11.50
13 LPs or more, tracked, no insurance £11.50
13 LPs or more, tracked, full insurance £14.50

If you want me to use a different carrier please tell me.

UK Insurance

Parcels of 1-6 LPs are sent by Royal Mail, with no extra insurance.

For small parcels of 1–6 LPs that are valuable (up to £500) I can use Royal Mail Special Delivery: then P&P is £9.75 for 1 LP £11.25 for 2 LPs, £13.75 for 3–7 LPs (must be under 2kg). Please enquire for higher levels of insurance.

Overseas Postage, Packing and Insurance

£3.50 (maximum) charge per parcel for packing, plus airmail postage at cost.

I use small packets sent by Royal Mail if the weight is under 2kg.

I recommend the signed/tracked service for small packets, at an extra cost of under £5.00. (The cost varies according to weight & destination.) The signed/tracked service gives each parcel a tracking number & should prevent a parcel being lost. Small packets without "signed for" have no insurance & cannot be traced if lost.

Larger parcels are sent by UPS, at very reasonable rates. The parcels are tracked and you will receive email information about the tracking from DSV. The post & packing charge for larger parcels includes insurance of up to £1,500.

Higher insurance can be arranged if necessary.


I am happy to be able to say that I have had very, very few complaints over the condition of any of the LPs I have supplied, no doubt because of the care I take over grading. However, if you should feel that the condition of a record you receive does not match my grading or description, please email or phone me immediately. Please do not return any LPs before you have heard from me in reply. All complaints should be made within 7 days of your receiving the LPs.

In the event of any returns, I am afraid that I cannot normally undertake to refund any payment made in respect of the optional record cleaning service or postage. LPs for return should be securely packed, preferably in their original packaging.

Privacy Policy

I understand the importance of protecting your personal data. See the Spiral Classics Privacy Notice for information about our policy.