My name is Sophia Singer.

I started Spiral Classics in 1994, selling carefully graded classical LPs by mail order. Based in the UK, in the English Midlands, I have many customers in Britain, Europe, China, Japan, USA, Taiwan and all over the world.

I examine each LP very carefully, under a strong light, then play any marks that are visible, to see if they sound.

This kind of grading is very important if you're spending a lot of money on a rare, collectable LP record. But I think it's also important if you're buying an inexpensive LP. You're buying it because you want to play it for your delight in the music, the performance, the recording.

This method of grading is very time-consuming, so I don't expect Spiral Classics will ever become a huge business. I have an assistant who packs records, cleans them and does some administrative work. But I do all the grading & describing of LPs myself. And I like to give a personal service to all my customers.

Why do I spend up to 10 hours a day working at Spiral Classics? Because I enjoy it! I love the music. I love the sound quality of vinyl LPs. And it gives me great pleasure when my customers tell me how delighted they are with the LPs they've bought from me.

Spiral Classics is a member of the Entertainment Retailers Association.